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Waxed Canvas Duffle Bags — Simple, Sophisticated Storage

Roam wild and roam free with the right travel companion—our waxed canvas duffle bags won’t disappoint. Simply store all of your belongings in these spacious bags, and open it at any time on your adventure to access your excursion accoutrements. With waxed canvas duffle bags on your person, you can’t go wrong.

Explore Our Waxed Canvas Duffle Bags

These go-to waxed canvas duffle bags, often favored by adventure seekers and expedition takers, are available in rugged colors and robust styles. Grab a Dakota Waxed Canvas Duffle Bag/Backpack, a military-grade duffle bag that’s there when you need it. With a show stopping vegetable tan and distressed vintage finishings, it boasts hammered copper rivets in all the right places. For other great waxed canvas duffle bags that are made for weekend trips, explore our collection of waxed canvas bags, accented with top-grain leather elements.

Want to learn more about why waxed canvas duffle bags are a great investment? Read some of the benefits on our blog. Or, interested in personalizing your piece a bit more? Check out how you can glue patches on waxed canvas.

How to Care for Waxed Canvas Duffle Bags

Once you have your own duffle bag, we encourage you to maintain it with our signature canvas wax, designed for both treated and untreated materials. This all-natural, locally sourced product is great for providing maximum canvas protection and easy application. After you make sure your waxed canvas duffle bags are clean and dry, check out our article “Waxing A Canvas Bag In 3 Steps” for further instruction. And if you're searching for other general care tips, read about ways you can care for your waxed canvas duffle bags.

It’s easy to fall for the classic look and durable feel of our waxed canvas duffle bags, but it’s great to explore other canvas styles like our waxed canvas travel bags and waxed canvas backpacks. And, if the women in your life are looking for a canvas accessory, show them our beautiful Madison Waxed Canvas Bucket Bag—a feminine touch on a military inspired piece. Lastly, don’t forget to browse our camera bags for waxed canvas cases that secure your valuables while you’re on the road. Want some extra organization for your trip? Don’t forget to grab a dopp kit for any loose items that need a place to stay. Regardless of what you pack or what you pack it in—go with the spirit to explore, and return with the inspiration to share your story.


1. Why choose a waxed canvas duffle bag for my travels?

Waxed canvas duffle bags are not only stylish but also robust and durable. They're designed to withstand the elements, making them a perfect companion for adventure seekers and expedition enthusiasts.

2. Are there any leather elements in the duffle bags?

Yes, our collection of waxed canvas duffle bags often comes accented with top-grain leather elements, enhancing both their style and durability.

3. How do I care for my waxed canvas duffle bag?

We recommend using our signature canvas wax for both treated and untreated materials. Ensure your bag is clean and dry before application. You can refer to our guide, Waxing A Canvas Bag In 3 Steps, for detailed instructions.

4. Can I customize or personalize my duffle bag?

Absolutely. You can personalize your duffle bag by gluing or sewing patches onto the waxed canvas. This allows you to add a touch of individuality to your bag. Check out our guide on Patches and Waxed Canvas.

5. What other waxed canvas products do you offer?

Apart from duffle bags, we have waxed canvas travel bags, backpacks, and even a waxed canvas garment bag. You can shop all of our waxed canvas bags here

6. What’s a dopp kit?

A dopp kit is a small toiletry bag used to carry grooming essentials. It’s a great addition for organized travel, ensuring all your small items have a dedicated space.

7. What gives the waxed canvas that classic look?

Waxed canvas duffle bags evoke a timeless appeal due to their unique blend of vintage finishing, top-grain leather accents, and durability. Their classic look makes them suitable for all kinds of occasions and travel needs.

8. How often should I re-wax my canvas duffle bag?

The frequency of re-waxing depends on usage and exposure to elements. If your bag appears dry or loses its water-repellent properties, it's a good time to consider a fresh coat of wax. You can review our guide to re-waxing here.

9. Can I machine wash my waxed canvas duffle bag?

No, machine washing is not recommended for waxed canvas products. Instead, use a damp cloth to gently clean the surface of the bag.