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A wool jacket is a staple that all men should have, whether you experience bitter cold winters or mild seasonal changes. This material has been keeping the workmen of the world warm for centuries. And at Buffalo Jackson, we’ve combined effortless style with must-have warmth in all of our wool jackets. Our collection evokes ruggedness, durability, comfort, and versatility, no matter which wool jacket you choose.


The Wesley is a classic riding jacket. Even if you never find yourself on horseback, you can be sure this tailored-fit jacket will keep you warm from neck to waist, shoulder to wrist. The heavyweight wool blend fabric and sherpa lining lock in body heat so you stay warm no matter how chilly it is. You have your choice of timeless herringbone or rugged plaid, both of which go great with a plaid flannel shirt or henley.


The Ellis is built for bitter cold. It, too, is made from our signature wool blend, but this jacket features a sherpa lined collar for extra warmth around the head and neck. Instead of a full interior sherpa lining, this wool jacket has a diamond quilt lining, like you’re wearing a blanket on the go. The Ellis exclusively comes in large-block plaid, but we have warm and cool color combinations, including neutrals and bold red. 

When you get the Ellis from Buffalo Jackson, you get a truly unique jacket — each is individually constructed with a different cut of the plaid fabric, so no two Ellis jackets look the same. 


All the men’s jackets from Buffalo Jackson are made with the finest materials we could find. And we built them to be layered with other staples from the rugged gentleman’s closet, like henleys, flannels, fishing shirts, pullovers, and more. 

We have jackets for all seasons and purposes. Heavyweight jackets do the trick in cold weather, especially with other layers underneath. Mid- to lightweight jackets are built for cooler temps, and one can live in your truck so you have it whenever you need an extra layer.

In our collection, you’ll find:

Men’s Wool Jackets

These heavyweight jackets stand up to bitter cold autumn mornings and chilly winter days, no matter where you live and play. Our signature wool blend has a brushed wool finish that’s soft to the touch and easy on the eyes. We have block plaid, tight tartan, and herringbone wool jackets for men.

Men’s Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are the quintessential sign of a rugged gentleman. Our collection includes leather jackets made from sheepskin, cow leather, or lambskin in black, brown, or multitone. Some of our leather jackets are aged for a vintage feel, or you can get more of a brand-new look you can age over time. This must-have jacket is our specialty, and we carry many styles: bomber jacket, motorcycle jacket, vests, and more.

Men’s Waxed Canvas Jackets

Our waxed canvas jackets are inspired by the waterproof and wind resistant material sails are made of. We have hooded waxed canvas jackets that add an athletic touch and help you lock in warmth around the head and neck. Or, you can opt for a classic collared waxed canvas jacket. Either way, this jacket offers you functionality, utility, and durability that’s meant for work, play, and everything in between.

Men’s Shirt Jacs

Think of a shirt jacket — or shirt jac, for short — as a cross between your favorite sturdy button-up and a jacket. Our shirt jacs are mid- and heavyweight, and they’re built for layering. You can also find our signature wool blend in a shirt jac, or grab one made from twill, corduroy, or quilted cotton.


Wool is the ultimate cold-weather fabric. Shepherds, farmers, and other workmen have been making coats, jackets, undergarments — you name it — out of this natural fiber. While many wool items we wear today are a blend of natural and synthetic wool, it’s no wonder we’re still wearing this material all these years.

Here’s why we love wool:

  • Incredible warmth: Sure, wool is a heavyweight material. But it’s actually lighter and more versatile than many heavyweight coats that offer the same warmth factor. More bang (and style) for your buck, so to speak.
  • Breathability: Even wool blends offer the signature breathability that natural wool does. This means your wool coat doesn’t feel stuffy and won’t make you overheat, even if you’re working up a sweat.
  • Water repellent: Speaking of sweat, wool is naturally moisture wicking when worn close to the skin. (Grab some wool socks, too, guys.) This material also shields you from external moisture, like rain, sleet, and snow, making it ideal for damp weather in the autumn, winter, and spring.
  • Odor resistance: Speaking of sweat again, wool is also pretty odor resistant, thanks to its breathability factor. 


Wool jackets are pretty delicate for being such sturdy outerwear. And we mean delicate in the sense that you should take really good care of the material so it stays soft and clean for many, many seasons to come. 

Generally, you want to have a wool jacket dry cleaned once a year, though twice is good, too. Once before wool jacket season, and once after it’s over. This is just to freshen it up and maintain the material.

If your wool jacket gets really dirty, you’re better off taking it to a professional cleaner just to restore it. But that means you should probably avoid off-roading or hiking in the mud with your wool jacket, fellas.

As you wear your wool jacket during the cold seasons, you can also care for it with these simple tips at home:

  • Gently brush the coat with a soft suede brush to remove surface-level dirt.
  • Use a lint brush to pick up extra lint.
  • Hang on hangers in the closet between uses to maintain the shape of the jacket.
  • Blot (don’t scrub) wet spills as soon as possible.
  • Store the jacket in a garment bag in the off-season.
  • Avoid getting the jacket really wet, but if you do, make sure to let it air dry and lay it flat.


1. What makes wool jackets a must-have?

Wool jackets provide incredible warmth, breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and odor resistance. Whether facing a chilly winter day or a damp autumn morning, wool jackets ensure maximum comfort and style.

2. Do all Ellis jackets look the same?

No. Each Ellis jacket is crafted from a different cut of the plaid fabric, making every piece distinct.

3. Are your men’s wool jackets suitable for all seasons?

While wool jackets are ideal for colder temperatures, Buffalo Jackson offers a range of jackets suitable for various seasons. From heavyweight to lightweight jackets, there's something for every weather.

4. How often should I clean my wool jacket?

Wool jackets should ideally be dry cleaned once or twice a year — before and after the cold season. If the jacket becomes extremely dirty, it's best to consult a professional cleaner.

5. What are some care tips for my wool jacket at home?

Use a soft suede brush to clean surface dirt, grab a lint brush for lint removal, hang the jacket to retain its shape, blot wet spills immediately, store in a garment bag during off-seasons, and let it air dry flat if it gets very wet.

6. Is wool resistant to water and odors?

Yes, wool is naturally moisture-wicking, keeping you dry from sweat and external moisture like rain and snow. Additionally, due to its breathability, wool is odor-resistant.

7. How do men’s wool jackets compare to other jacket materials in terms of warmth?

Wool offers a unique balance of being a heavyweight material while being lighter and more versatile than many other jackets with the same warmth factor.