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Leather Camera Bags to Protect Your Gear While on the Road

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we can say the same for our full grain leather camera bags. Only getting better with time, each scratch and mark of patina tells the story of a well lived life. Capture every moment—from the ridges of the mountains to the calmness by the lake—our leather camera bags are gritty and can take anything life throws at them, and then some.

What Makes Our Leather Camera Bags Timeless

Did you know that the early photography work of Edward S. Curtis caught the attention of President Roosevelt? Roosevelt said, “No man could be doing anything more important. I will support you in any way I can.” That’s why we designed our Roosevelt Buffalo Leather Camera Bags—to support you in every endeavor. Built with top-grade water buffalo leather, our camera bags hold a camera, lenses, and accessories. Encased in a padded interior, rest assured your equipment will be protected no matter where you take it. From documenting the waves of the Outer Banks to the vast roads of the West, do it with confidence and style.

Whether you’re getting your hands dirty with a weekend project or hiking away with a trusted camera—both are forms of art. We know moments are fleeting and life is short, so we appreciate the work you do to document it all. We hope you’ll travel to both the familiar and the far away with your leather camera bag. As you’re looking to invest in a quality camera bag, you may wonder what makes the best camera bag for travel? Read up on our top three things before you make the investment and see why our bags are both classic and functional. Now get out there and document the beauty that surrounds us all.

Taking Care of Your Leather Camera Bag

Just as you would care for your camera, your leather camera bag needs the same level of attention. Discover our products designed just for leather care to keep your bag in tip top shape. Once you have the proper pieces for cleaning, make sure you read up on our 3 Steps to Properly Care for Your Leather Bags. Knowing how to clean, condition, and store leather is the three part formula to keep your bag beautiful and timeless.