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Every man needs a heavy-duty yet lightweight jacket. Even better if it’s stylish enough to take you from here to there, no matter the setting. That’s exactly what you get with the hooded jackets from Buffalo Jackson Trading Company.

Our mid- to lightweight hooded jackets are lined with soft flannel, made from the same cotton as our flannel shirts. The plaid pattern peeks out from the hood, adding a touch of an outdoorsman’s style. On the outside, you’re shielded from rain and wind thanks to sturdy waxed canvas. This material looks sophisticated when you need it to be, but it’s durable so this jacket will last for many, many adventures to come.

The waxed canvas exterior includes elastin, giving it just the right amount of stretch - so you can easily wear this jacket when working around the yard or exploring the great outdoors. With timeless colors and a fabric that ages like fine whiskey, these are also the perfect go-to moderate weather jacket for a night on the town.

You can pull that rope drawstring to tighten the hood around your head to lock in warmth. And on those bitter cold mornings or crisp evenings as autumn fades into winter, you’ll be grateful for the dual center closure with zipper and antique-finish buttons to shield you from the chill.


Our hooded jackets work well in every setting — from the office to the outdoors to a night out with friends and family. Expectations or not, it’s a subtle statement piece that always makes a great first impression.

You can throw it over another flannel shirt for even more warmth. And don’t get too hung up on finding a matching flannel either — different colors and patterns are just fine, guys. If it’s a chilly morning with a beautiful warm day ahead, it’s even easier to style over a T-shirt or polo. On your way to work, a wedding, or other important event? Put on one of these hooded jackets over a collared shirt for a distinguished and rugged touch. 

The hooded jacket from Buffalo Jackson is an everyday, everything jacket — in moderate weather, of course. It pairs just as well with your nicest pair of jeans or khakis as it does with your yard-work-only jeans or fishing pants. As for shoes: boots, sneakers, Oxfords…they’ll all look great. 


Our hooded jackets are made with 97% waxed cotton canvas, a material that goes back centuries. Sailors discovered that wet canvas sails were better at catching the wind, but the water weighed them down and slowed their ships. But if they cured the canvas with a wax coating, that prevented the sails from soaking up water and allowed for fantastic aerodynamics. This material has been used time and again for its durability, including in tents and other outdoor gear.

The waxed canvas on our hooded jackets protects you from rain and wind while being effortlessly stylish. It’s not heavy, but it is a heavy-duty material that will collect scuffs and marks over the years — but don’t worry, that adds even more character to this already unique hooded jacket. 

The material is also soft and smooth to the touch, so this hooded jacket can be professional or photo-ready when you need it to be. And since it’s waterproof, you can wear it on any outdoor adventure, even if it’s drizzling out.


You can’t go throwing this hooded jacket in the washer like you might with your hoodies. But that doesn’t mean it’s a hassle to care for. In fact, keeping your waxed canvas hooded jacket clean isn’t a chore at all. 

Get yourself a soft bristled brush to lightly scrub dried mud, dirt, and debris off the fabric. Start with cold water without soap to tackle any stains. If that doesn’t work, try a little bit of mild soap (not detergent) and cold water — that should do the trick. After you’re done, rinse away the soap and any leftover debris and let your jacket air dry. 

You can make sure your hooded jacket stays waterproof by re-waxing it every year or two. You can have it professionally done or you can get hands-on with DIY re-waxing. All you need is a lint roller, hair dryer, and canvas wax.

If you’ve also got one of our waxed canvas bags, you can follow the same tips to keep that in fantastic shape, too.