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Every man needs a high-quality leather vest – whether it’s for a crisp morning on the trail or an evening by the fire, a leather vest offers just the right amount of extra warmth. (And, if you choose wisely, the right amount of style too.) A rugged leather vest can take you from the trail to the office to the tailgate, and back again.

The men’s leather vests from Buffalo Jackson use soft lambskin leather to give you the broken-in comfort you want from day one. The natural, lightweight layers of the lambskin leather give our leather vests a distinctive, velvety texture that is exceptionally soft and wearable. Even though lambskin leather is thin and lightweight, it still does a good job of keeping out the cold, making it an ideal material for a leather vest. Because of its delicate structure, lambskin is treated less harshly in production than cowhide and requires more hand manipulation. This often results in lambskin being more expensive than cowhide, which is why it’s generally reserved for premium leather products like our men’s leather vests.


Bridger Down Leather Vests

Our Bridger down leather vests are insulated with 80/20 down and feature the classic puffer vest style loved by adventurers everywhere. Puffer vests are the true heroes of lightweight warmth, so they’re usually a go-to garment for exploring while remaining effortlessly stylish.

The Bridger comes in light brown leather, dark brown leather, and the best of both in the tan & brown leather style. Our Bridger leather vests are crafted with soft lambskin leather and lined with easy-to-clean polyester that keeps these down vests light as a feather. (See what we did there?)

Jackson Sherpa Leather Vest

Our Jackson sherpa leather vest blends quality craftsmanship with rugged vintage western style. The open-arm two-tone Western yoke exterior was inspired by the high mountain valleys of the Bison State and features tan & brown lambskin leather. Our sherpa-style polyester interior lining extends through the classic fold-over collar—guaranteed to provide lasting warmth without weighing you down, from the barn to the backcountry.


Men’s leather vests are incredibly versatile, and you can dress them up or down for any setting. But when looking for items to pair with your vest, let the vest’s material and shape guide you.

Our lambskin leather vests – whether puffer or western style – always look good with a flannel shirt and jeans. Put on your hiking boots and you’re ready to hit the trail or the tailgate. You can even layer one of our men’s hoodies under a leather vest for rugged, casual comfort.

Need to dress it up a bit? Pair button up shirt and leather vest with some khakis or slim fit jeans and boots. A well-fitting sweater (no baggy sleeves) is another great option for layering under your leather vest. 


To get the most out of lambskin leather, you’ll need to give attention to proper upkeep. This is key to preserving and extending the life of your leather vest. Be sure to review our articles for details on how to care for wet or stained leather. You can also shop our leather care products for our premium, easy-to-use cleaner and conditioner. Check out these 5 basic steps to cleaning your lambskin leather vest:

*Always spot-check each step before proceeding with the full vest!

1. Lightly dust. 

Gently wipe away any dust or oil buildup using a soft cloth in a light circular motion.

2. Prepare cleaning solution.

*If your vest isn't excessively dirty, skip to step 4.

Mix two teaspoons of mild liquid detergent with warm water to create a gentle cleaning solution that can be used on lambskin leather without causing abrasions or other damage.

3. Gently clean.

Soak a soft sponge or cloth in your mild soap solution until it is saturated, then wring it out so it’s damp, but not soaking wet. The key to this cleaning approach is to use as little moisture as possible.  Lightly blot the leather to avoid leaving watermarks, and remember to feather your blots. Do not rub or scrub!

4. Wipe down.

Remove soap residue by wiping down with a clean cloth saturated with a small amount of clean water. (Remember to use the smallest amount of moisture needed.) Then, pat the leather with a soft, dry towel, and hang the vest somewhere cool until it is completely dry. Do not use direct heat (like a hair dryer or direct sunlight) to try to speed up the drying time.

5. Remember the inside!

The soap solution used for cleaning the outside of your leather vest can also be used to clean the inside. Remember that cleaning the inside of your vest is as important as preserving the outside; sweat on the interior of the vest can eventually break down the lining and compromise the leather. To clean the inside, turn the vest inside-out, and use a soft sponge or cloth and the same mild soap solution. Pay close attention to the collar and underarms, and then hang the vest to dry in a cool, dry area. (Do not use direct heat.)


1. How do I choose the right size for a men's leather vest?

When selecting a men's leather vest, it's crucial to consider both your chest measurements and the layers you'll wear underneath. Our vests, particularly the Bridger Down Leather Vests, are crafted with a slim fit in mind. Reviewing the size guide and potentially sizing up is smart for accommodating extra layers or achieving a more relaxed fit.

2. Are leather vests suitable for all seasons?

Yes, men's leather vests are versatile enough to be worn in all seasons. In warmer months, a leather vest can serve as a stylish statement piece over a light shirt. During colder seasons, vests like our Bridger Down Leather Vest and Jackson Sherpa Leather Vest offer additional warmth when layered over sweaters or flannels, making them ideal for chilly weather.

3. Can I wear a leather vest to formal occasions?

Absolutely! Leather vests add a touch of rugged sophistication to any outfit. For a more formal look, pair a leather vest with a button-up shirt, slim-fit jeans or khakis, and boots. Our vests strike the perfect balance between casual ruggedness and refined style, suitable for both office settings and special events.

4. How do I properly care for my lambskin leather vest?

Caring for lambskin leather involves gently dusting with a soft cloth, cleaning with a mild soap solution, and conditioning to maintain suppleness. It's essential to avoid excessive moisture and direct heat exposure. For detailed care instructions, including how to address wet or stained leather, review our comprehensive leather care guides and consider our premium leather care products for optimal maintenance.

5. What makes the Jackson Sherpa Leather Vest unique compared to other vests?

The Jackson Sherpa Leather Vest stands out due to its blend of quality craftsmanship and rugged vintage Western style. This vest provides lasting warmth without bulk, featuring tan & brown lambskin leather and a sherpa-style polyester interior lining. Its distinctive two-tone Western yoke exterior and classic fold-over collar offer a unique look that transitions seamlessly from outdoor adventures to casual social settings.

6. How can I style a leather vest for a casual outing?

Pair our leather vests with a flannel shirt, jeans, and hiking boots for a casual, stylish look. Our vests, such as the Bridger and Jackson, lend themselves well to layering, allowing you to achieve a rugged, outdoorsy look that's perfect for casual outings, hikes, or a day in the city.

Remember, the right leather vest not only elevates your style but also provides versatile functionality, making it an essential piece in any man's wardrobe. Explore our collection to find the perfect leather vest that meets your style, warmth, and durability needs.