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Why You’ll Love the Dakota Bags

Outfitted with copper rivets and 15oz. waxed coated canvas, our Dakota Waxed Canvas Bags will protect your gear from any element you might encounter. Built for everything the great outdoors has to offer from your backyard to the Badlands, our collection of Dakota Bags will be with you in lockstep. So, grab your gear and hit the road.

Dakota Bags for a Weekend Getaway

Our Dakota Waxed Canvas Oversized Weekend Bag is built especially for the color-filled trips of the fall. Tough leather handles allow you to grab it and head out. The nylon-lined interior is a breeze to clean and dry, too. Not to mention, the distressed leather finish and waxed canvas will catch the eye of onlookers which is a great bonus. Pick a weekend, fill your Dakota bag, invite a friend or two, and drive to the color.

Caring for Your Dakota Bags

You might be wondering what the care process might look like when it comes to caring for your waxed canvas bags. But don’t worry, it’s not nearly as tedious as caring for leather. Because of the wax coating, scuffs and marks actually add to the character of your Dakota bags rather than making them look dirty. This means they do not require frequent cleaning. Over time, however, the wax coating will thin and you’ll need to re-wax the canvas (usually every 1-2 years, depending on the amount of use). You can learn how to wash waxed canvas and more if you head over to our blog. Searching for more waxed canvas styles? Shop our suite of waxed canvas backpacks, duffle bags, and travel bags for other options.