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Buffalo Jackson crafts our men’s fleece jackets with super soft fleece that wicks moisture and dries quickly so they keep in the heat when temperatures plunge. Don’t be afraid to brave the weather — just remember to pack your fleece.


Choosing the right fleece requires more than just practicality. Yes, function is important. But, the best fleece jackets will add to an outfit’s style—not just cover it up. That’s why our men’s fleece jackets are the perfect combination of cozy warmth and rugged style. 

When it comes to fashion (and pretty much anything in life), a rugged gentleman sifts through the excess to find the classic essentials. Then, he adds a touch of grit to make the style his own. Our collection of men’s fleece jackets checks all the boxes—essential pieces with added grit and comfort.

Buffalo Jackson Men’s Fleece Jackets Feature:

  • chest pocket
  • full zip closure
  • two hand-warmer pockets
  • elastic drawstring pulls at bottom (to cinch for a custom fit)
  • faux suede zipper pulls
  • 100% super soft polyester fleece
  • 100% nylon trim

Buffalo Jackson Men’s Fleece Pullovers Feature:

  • three-button placket
  • button-thru chest pocket
  • stand up collar
  • ribbed cuff sleeves with thumb holes
  • 100% super soft polyester fleece
  • 100% nylon trim

Buffalo Jackson Men’s Fleece Hoodies Feature:

  • kangaroo front pocket
  • four-button placket
  • elastic hood
  • 100% super soft polyester fleece
  • 100% nylon trim


To get the longest and best life out of your fleece jacket, follow these tips about how to wash fleece:

  • Before washing, remove lint using a lint roller.
  • Turn your fleece jacket inside-out before putting it in the washer.
  • Wash in cool water on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Hang your fleece jacket to air dry, or, if your jacket’s care instructions permit it, tumble your jacket in the dryer on the no heat setting.


Fleece was born out of a desire to achieve the warmth of wool, but without the heaviness when wet, the slowness to dry, and the difficulty in cleaning. These were expectations that likely only a synthetic material could achieve.

Enter: a polyester pile fabric* originally used for toilet seat covers. (Yes, really.) Don’t worry though – after the original fleece sweater of the 1970s, many iterations and improvements followed, and today’s fleece jackets are softer than ever – all while providing the warmth, water-resistance, and quick-drying qualities we love about fleece.

*Fun fact: “pile fabrics” have a textured surface with visible piles of fibers that typically make the fabric warmer, softer, and more attractive.


Our men’s fleece jackets are part of Buffalo Jackson’s full collection of quality men’s outerwear. In all of our designs, which include various styles and materials, you will find the marks of hard work, grit, and the spirit of adventure.  

Men’s Fleece Jackets & Pullovers

For a cozy fit that’s soft and snug, you can’t beat our men’s fleece jackets and pullovers. Just picture a big bear hug (but less scary, more comforting). 

Wool Jackets

These lightweight and high-quality wool jackets keep you warm without all the bulk. Options include our Yukon wool shirt jacs, our flannel-lined Wesley wool jacket, and our heavyweight Ellis wool jacket with a sherpa collar and quilted interior.

Down Jackets & Vests

Our down jackets and vests are available in both light brown leather and dark brown leather. The 100% genuine lambskin leather is extraordinarily soft and wearable, and the down insulation provides the warmth you need.

Leather Jackets & Vests

Our men’s leather jackets and vests use various types of leather that offer distinctive qualities to complement the different jacket styles. Check out our full suite of leather jackets and vests, crafted with lambskin, sheepskin, and cow leather.

Waxed Canvas Jackets & Vests

Waxed canvas amps up the wind and water resistance of regular canvas, and it looks and feels better the more you use it. Check out our waxed canvas hooded jackets, our waxed canvas trucker jacket, and our waxed canvas vests in light & dark gray or green & khaki with a sherpa collar.


What makes fleece pullovers ideal for outdoor activities?

Our fleece pullovers are perfect for outdoor activities thanks to their moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties. They provide warmth without the bulk, making them ideal for layering and offering comfort in various weather conditions.

How do I choose the right size fleece pullover?

To choose the right size, consider how you plan to wear it. Our fleece pullovers are pretty true to size, although you might opt for a slightly looser fit if you're layering over other clothing. Check our sizing chart for detailed measurements and choose based on your chest size and fit preference.

Can fleece pullovers be worn in professional settings?

Our men's fleece pullovers are designed with a balance of rugged style and neat appearance, making them suitable for casual professional settings. They pair well with both jeans and chinos.

Are fleece pullovers good for layering?

They’re more than good for it — our fleece pullovers are made for layering. You can comfortably wear one under a heavier jacket or over a light shirt, making them versatile for various temperatures.

How do I care for my fleece pullover to keep it looking new?

To care for your fleece pullover, wash it in cool water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach, and air dry or tumble dry on a no-heat setting. Regular care will help maintain its softness and appearance.

Is it normal for fleece pullovers to have pilling?

Some pilling over time is normal for fleece materials. However, we designed our high-quality fleece to minimize pilling. Regular, gentle washing and avoiding harsh treatments can help maintain its texture.