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Plaid is a staple for many men. Outdoorsmen. Fishermen. Gentlemen. Whether you have one go-to plaid shirt or a dozen, you can’t really go wrong with this choice. Plaid can be office-friendly, photo-ready, or super casual. It’s all up to you. 


We can’t blame you for thinking of plaid when you think of flannel. Plaid is the most common pattern for flannel shirts after all. The plaid flannel shirts at Buffalo Jackson are made from high-quality cotton and come in a wide variety of colors, like navy, red, and yellow. And they’re midweight, so they’re sturdy but breezy.


Our plaid corduroy shirts are lightweight, made from soft-washed corduroy fabric that’s 100% cotton. The 16-wale cord texture adds dimension and durability. These men’s plaid shirts are tailored fit, so they’re even easier to dress up. But you can always grab the next size up for a relaxed fit that’s perfect for work and play.


Open your mind to the wide world of plaid to switch up your style or find your new favorite pattern.


  • You’ve definitely seen it. Maybe you’ve even worn it. Buffalo plaid is a bold plaid with large, criss-crossing stripes. And it usually comes in red and black. Everyone enjoys men’s plaid shirts in a good buffalo plaid—lumberjacks, cowboys, farmers, and outdoorsmen. It’s a classic look that you can wear all year round, but the red-and-black style has also become a staple around the winter holidays, too. 


  • This plaid is made up of thin, perpendicular pinstripes that make large, window-like squares. You can get this plaid in any color combination, and it’s incredibly easy to dress up or down. In fact, this style of plaid is reminiscent of an old-school gentleman, so you can add some class into your rugged look.


  • Houndstooth is another old-school plaid, but it’s more than just stripes and blocks. This plaid is known for featuring a small, unique shape repeating in the pattern—a departure from the uniform lines and squares. You’ll likely recognize it in its truest form, black and white. But you can find houndstooth in any duo-tone color combination made up of a dark color and a light color.


  • This is the traditional plaid style from Scotland. It stands out from the others because it features columns and rows of multicolored lines intersecting to form the quintessential blocks. The pattern and colors of a tartan plaid are as unique as the families that wore them. But you’ll find that red, yellow, green, blue, and black are some of the most commonly featured colors in a multi-color scheme.


Let’s review. Flannel is a fabric. Plaid is a pattern. Plaid is the most common pattern for flannel shirts. And that’s because this combination started way back in olden days in Scotland, where the plaid pattern likely originated, and in nearby Wales.

Back then, Welsh and Scottish farmers and shepherds wore flannel shirts to stay warm while they worked. That’s a tradition that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We love wearing our flannels when doing anything outside. Working in the yard. Camping. Hunting. Everything. 

Now, it just so happens that the Scots wore their flannel shirts with the plaid — known as tartan — that represented their family. As the shirt style gained popularity with Americans and Brits, the pattern lost its familial connection and became the iconic look for flannel shirts for the working men of America and Great Britain.


The best part about men’s plaid shirts is that you can style them however you like. It all depends on the material of your shirt and where you’re going. 

Wear a smooth textured plaid with some slacks to work, a date, or another important event. Or, keep it really casual and comfortable with jeans. For a shirt that has more texture and dimension, stick with jeans if you don’t need to be fancy. But you can dress up a textured plaid shirt with some khakis, too.

Men’s plaid shirts look just as good on their own as they do peeking out from under a jacket. Smooth plaid shirts can look sharp under a blazer or waxed canvas jacket. Pull an effortlessly classic look together with a plaid flannel shirt under a leather jacket.

This pattern is also a great way to add color to any old outfit. And it’s flattering on just about everyone. What’s not to love?