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Rugged style does not require a man to sacrifice quality or design. On the contrary, it means taking the best design and delivering it with rugged sensibilities that just feel right. And that’s exactly how we made our men’s corduroy shirts.

With the quality craftsmanship we’re known for, these shirts feature robust corduroy construction accented by contrasting suede elbow patches, a spread collar, and two front pockets with flaps and buttons to keep things secure. We chose a midweight, 11-wale cord, washed corduroy fabric–the perfect weight for a cross between a shirt and jacketso it’s just right for those cooler temps in fall, winter, early spring… heck, maybe even year-round. We also designed these with an oversized fit intended for layering. You’ll want to size down if you plan to wear it on its own.


Corduroy is a woven fabric known for its raised, textured ribs. Those ribs can come in various widths depending on how the maker weaves the fabric. Corduroy can also be woven using different materials; while cotton is most common, polyester and polyester blends can also be used. Wool is also an option, however, the ribs do not appear as prominently in wool corduroy as in cotton or polyester.

Woven corduroy fabrics begin with two primary yarns that create a plain weave. Next, they add a third yarn called a pile threador float yarn that is interspersedor floatsacross regular intervals in the plain weave. Then, makers cut the pile thread/float yarn which leaves soft, lengthwise ridges on the fabric surface. Those ridges are called wales.

The number of wales present in one inch of fabric is known as a corduroy’s wale number. A lower wale number indicates thicker wales, or ridges, on the corduroy fabric, and a higher wale number indicates thinner or finer wales. A corduroy with a lower wale number will offer heavier weight fabric, and you’ll find higher wale cords to be lighter weight with shorter piles. (Our men’s corduroy shirts feature a nice mid weight 11-wale cord.)


What’s the best way to wash a corduroy shirt?

Always check the instructions on your particular garment, but typically, corduroy may be machine washed in cold or warm water on a normal cycle.

Tips for washing men’s corduroy shirts:

  • Turn the shirt inside out before washing.
  • Avoid washing corduroy with items that produce lint (like towels, sweaters, and fleece), because corduroy attracts lint, and it can be a pain to remove.
  • Shake out the corduroy shirt after removing from the washer; then dry it on low for about ten minutes, just to help remove wrinkles. Hang to finish air drying.

Can you iron corduroy shirts?

Yes, but if you need to iron corduroy, be sure you iron it on the wrong side only (the side without the ridges) and only on medium-high heat.

What’s the best way to remove lint from corduroy shirts?

Did you accidentally run a tissue through the washing machine? It’s fine, it happens to the best of us. So, if your corduroy shirt comes out of the washer covered in lint, follow these easy steps:

  1. Remove your shirt from the washer and turn it right side out (because we’re sure you remembered to turn it inside out before putting it in the washer!).
  2. Remove any clumps of lint that you can pick off.
  3. Run the shirt through the dryer on low for about 10 minutes. Consider adding a few microfiber cloths to the dryerthey will attract the lint! The lint screen will also catch what it can. 
  4. Remove the shirt from the dryer while it’s still damp, and shake it out to remove even more small pieces.
  5. Gently take a clothes brush to the damp fabric to hopefully grab any remaining lint from the corduroy. You can also try patting it with packing tape!
  6. If there is still stubborn lint remaining, return the shirt to the washer, add one cup of white distilled vinegar, and run a rinse cycle. (Fun fact: vinegar helps the fibers relax, which should help them release their stubborn hold on the lint). Then, repeat steps 2-5.