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Our Leather Wallets Are a Timeless Investment

For men, we stick them in our pockets hoping they never fall out. For women, they’re thrown in a purse with a jumble of items. Our leather wallets are crafted to handle the wear and tear that a wallet must go through every day. We use them to store our necessities and photos of those closest to our hearts, wallets hold some pretty important things. That’s why travelers and those who appreciate the durability of good leather choose our leather wallets. You know the value of investing in pieces that last and the importance of a reliable wallet, so you never settle for anything but the best in quality. Browse our range of wallet styles for men and women—need a bag to keep your wallet in? Our collection of leather bags for women may have exactly what you’re looking for.

Why Leather Wallets Make a Memorable Gift

He says he doesn’t need anything for his birthday this year, but you know that’s simply not true. A hardworking man needs a quality gift, and you’ve seen the condition of his wallet. That’s why our leather wallets are the perfect gifts for any occasion—birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, and monumental moments. For an item that he carries everyday, he should have a leather wallet that reflects his hard work and grit. Match his gift with one of our leather bags to set him up for his next weekend in the woods with the boys or daily trek to the office. Need help deciding which of our leather wallets to choose? Read up on our guide, 5 Types of Men’s Leather Wallets to decide which is best for his lifestyle.

How to Upkeep Our Leather Wallets

Our favorite part of owning one of our leather wallets is the patina that develops over time. Each of our wallets develops a unique look from being opened, closed, and carried around. While every wallet is going to pick up some dirt from being by your side for many years, it’s important to condition and moisturize the leather to prevent it from cracking. Learn how to preserve your wallet on our blog with How to Clean a Leather Wallet (The Right Way). Now, you really don’t need to go through this process very often, but remembering to do this at least twice a year will ultimately extend the life of your favorite rugged leather wallet.