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Leather Bags for Men

We like to think our leather bags for men are memory keepers. Canvasses for the memory marks of your story. Built with character and grit, they are designed for the everyday moments to the adventures of a lifetime. From sturdy briefcases that you bring to the office to duffle bagsthat join your weekend explorations, one thing is for sure—our leather bags for men are made for real life. Each crafted with the quality Buffalo leather that we are known for, carrying our bags shows you’re serious about investing in quality. Bags carry lots of memories for us, and serve as a constant reminder to get out there and make something wonderful happen.

The Different Styles of Leather Bags for Men

We craft a variety of leather bags for men - briefcases, duffle bags, messenger bags, travel bags, and just about any type of bag a man would need. Though many of our bags are designed with a specific use in mind, most are versatile enough to serve any purpose that you need. And because they’re all made with full grain leather, they only get better with time. Each scratch and mark of patina tells the story of a well lived life and well used bag. Some of our most popular leather bags for men are found in the Roosevelt Collection. Built for jet setters, this collection places quality and tradition on full display. For your days in the office, learn about the best men’s work bags that we offer, and which we’d recommend as our top 3.

Passing Down Our Leather Bags for Men

An heirloom-quality bag from our collection of leather bags for men requires a little bit of care to maintain its beauty. Whether you carry your leather briefcase to work everyday or a leather backpack on a weekend hike, your bag is due to get gritty. Read up on our trusted guide to learn how to care for your leather bag. Pick up our favorite leather conditioner and cleaner to wipe and polish away the grit for your next use. Maintaining proper care will let you use your favorite leather bag for decades to come. And—how great would it be to pass down a leather bag with history throughout your family?