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For starters, “shirt jac” is short for shirt jacket. This outerwear option has the look and feel of a shirt but the durability and thickness of a midweight jacket. Men’s shirt jacs are incredibly versatile — you can wear many Buffalo Jackson shirt jacs as the centerpiece of a look, or you can hang one by the door for a quick warm addition that you can take off when the day heats up.


Shirt jacs shield you from the chill without weighing you down or restricting your mobility.  They’re like a heavier duty version of your favorite rugged button-up shirts or a slightly lighter version of your favorite jacket.

At Buffalo Jackson, we carry many unique styles of men’s shirt jacs, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. 


The Yukon men’s shirt jac is made of some of the finest brushed wool. It’s a heavy-duty button-up that will keep you warm on even the coldest days. It has side open pockets at the waist, already an upgrade from your favorite flannel shirt. But it has two chest pockets, evoking that classic style. The Yukon is meant to be worn over other tops (like you’d wear a jacket) to give you maximum warmth, but it works on its own, too. 

Like other styles in our collection of men’s shirt jacs, each Yukon is uniquely constructed, so the plaid pattern can vary from shirt to shirt. That means no two shirt jacs look quite the same. 


The Huntington men’s shirt jac has a polished and timeless quality, thanks to its quilted diamond pattern. Its comfort is familiar, like that of a favorite quilt. The ultra soft fabric is 100% cotton, making this shirt jac perfectly midweight. With a snap-button placket and two side open pockets, the Huntington is sure to become your go-to cover on a crisp morning no matter the season.


Another wool shirt jac in the collection, the Riverton is made with our signature brushed wool-polyester blend. It’s a sturdy work shirt in style and feel. The Riverton doubles as a layering piece to keep you warm but can be used as a jacket in a pinch when there’s just a slight chill in the air. Like the Yukon, we make each Riverton special, so the traditional buffalo plaid design varies from shirt jac to shirt jac and you get a one-of-a-kind.


The Kenai men’s shirt jac is an outdoorsman’s shirt, through and through. This brushed polyester shirt jac is designed to be layered over your favorite flannel but also works well on its own as a midweight shirt, with maybe a plain T-shirt underneath. You get some extra visual interest around the collar and along the buttons thanks to the boldly colorful placket.


If you’re looking for something really unique, the Bradford is a standout shirt jac. Made from 100% cotton pre-washed corduroy, this midweight shirt jac has a sturdy 11-wale cord pattern that gives it its signature heft. The suede elbow patches add ruggedness and visual contrast that elevates it from your other durable work shirts. The Bradford is meant to be worn over a flannel, henley, or other comfortable shirt, buttoned up or not at all.


The Gunner is a smooth twill shirt jac made from 100% cotton. It’s polished enough to wear out to dinner but stands up to an adventure in the great outdoors or fixing up the old car. This heavyweight shirt has adjustable cuffs to make it even easier to customize your warmth. And the wood buttons are a unique touch.


The Shepherd men’s shirt jac is 100% cotton moleskin. The material, feel, and look of the Shepherd hovers between a shirt jac and a flannel shirt, making it even more versatile. It’s made of 100% cotton moleskin, which is a midweight and very durable material. But it’s effortlessly soft and comfortable, too. The sleeves easily roll up or down, and the two chest pockets with buttons for a little extra utility. 


At Buffalo Jackson, we make our men’s shirt jacs — and everything else for that matter — with the best materials out there. We believe that your favorite items should last you for years to come. Here are some of the top-quality materials you can expect from our collection of shirt jacs:

  • Wool:This material used to have the reputation of being scratchy and itchy back when the farmers and shepherds of old first wore it. But our brushed wool eliminates that inconvenience and makes for incredibly soft shirt jacs. Plus, it’s a very natural, breathable fabric, making the wool items in our collection super versatile.
  • Twill:Twill has a signature diagonal weave, a subtle design that can help your shirt jac stand out from other outwear items and shirts. The fabric is medium to heavyweight, thanks to a high thread count that makes it thick and durable.
  • Moleskin: It’s not an animal hyde but a super sturdy woven cotton material. It has the feeling of soft, smooth velour. This material’s brushed surface makes you look polished but not too clean-cut, a great texture for versatile style and comfort.
  • Corduroy: Our corduroy shirt jacs are made with an 11-wale cord that’s 100% cotton. This material doesn’t have the same give as a cotton weave, but the cord design makes it more rugged in appearance and feel. It’s a rough and tumble kind of material, so it’ll stand up to whatever the day throws at you.


Getting a shirt jac made from high-quality materials is just one part of keeping this item in great condition year after year. You also have to take the right steps to care for it, too.

In general, you can wash, dry, and iron men’s shirt jacs the same way you would any other item made from the same material. But here are some general rules to get you started:

  • Always turn your shirt jac inside-out before you wash it.
  • Avoid washing a shirt jac with materials that produce lint, like towels.
  • Opt for a gentle cycle, and choose the wool or hand wash cycle for any made from wool, twill, or moleskin.
  • Use gentle detergents only. 
  • Air dry any shirt jac just to be safe, and definitely hang dry your wool, moleskin, and twill shirt jacs.


Many of our men’s shirt jacs look sleek enough to wear to an important event with a more casual dress code. But they’re great for a laid back day at the office or as part of your regular relaxed work attire. They’re also rugged and durable enough to hold up to hard work around the yard or on an adventure outdoors.

All of our men’s shirt jacs look great with jeans, but especially our plaid shirt jacs. Fishing pants, khakis, and cargo pants work, too. The more refined shirt jacs in the collection, like the Huntington Quilted Shirt Jac, can pair well with slacks. The Shepherd Moleskin Shirt can be elevated with some chinos, though it transitions well from the hiking trail to the office, too.

What you want to wear under your shirt jac is all up to your agenda and the forecast. On the chilliest of days, a heavyweight shirt jac with a henley locks in warmth. When there’s a light breeze, a shirt jac and T-shirt can do the trick. If you know it’ll heat up, you’ll be glad to roll up the sleeves of a midweight shirt jac on its own. Wear your favorite leather jacket over a midweight shirt jac for even more rugged style.