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Leather Padfolios, So You’ll Always Be Prepared

Whether you need to jot down notes from a meeting, thoughts for your next project, or something that just comes to mind, always be prepared to write it down with our trusted leather padfolios. From setting production dates with investors to journaling your recent thoughts around a warm fire, these are the moments worth remembering. Whatever way you choose to document your life, the Denver Leather Travel Padfolio gets the job done with open pockets on either side, credit card/business card slots, full grain cow leather, and so much attention to detail. Looking for other pieces to enhance your rusted look like our leather padfolios? Add a touch of character and distinction to your home space with leather office accessories.

Difference Between a Leather Padfolio and Portfolio

Did you realize that leather padfolios and portfolios are two entirely different things? It’s okay, most folks don’t. While there are some similarities, there’s also plenty of differences. Portfolios really function more like briefcases, designed to be carried by a handle with a zipper enclosure, while our leather padfolios are made to be held by hand. A padfolio holds notes, pens, and small items, whereas a portfolio is designed to carry a laptop, chargers, and your important documents. So, if you’re trying to decide if a leather padfolio or portfolio is right for you, it comes down to how much it needs to hold for your lifestyle. Read more about the differences in our blog post, Padfolio vs. Portfolio.

Take Your Leather Padfolio on Your Next Trip

When we think of traveling, we rarely think of documenting our trip through anything other than photographs. But our leather padfolios open up a new way to remember your adventures—with thoughts. When you’re up in the mountains, a photo won’t help you remember the way the cool air smelled or the new memories you made with your kids. But a few descriptive sentences in your leather padfolio will. On your next trip, we challenge you to take the time to write down your thoughts, memories, and the things you observe in the great outdoors. Store your leather padfolio in one of our leather backpacks for your trip so you never forget it. Looking for new places to explore? Read up on our latest adventures in the Journal.