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Leather Goods Founded In Rich History

With primitive roots and humble origins, leather goods are one of man’s earliest, most functional discoveries. Using leather to protect themselves from the elements, our forefathers used this tough material to make clothing, shelter, tools, and storage. In honor of this tried and true tradition, we strive to make leather goods in various styles, paying respect to old-school values of hard work and the spirit of adventure.

Explore Our Suite of Leather Goods

As modern technology has advanced the leather industry, we’ve taken pride in keeping our leather goods looking and feeling as great as they always have been—with some 21st century edge, of course. Our durable suite of leather goods are available in both bison and cow leather, which may prompt you to wonder what the difference is. The typical distinction boils down to processing, strength, and appearance, but you can learn more about it on our blog—don’t worry, both are great options.

Our collection of leather goods for men boasts a wide variety of styles and storage functions to suit any travelling, or day-to-day needs. Want a signature, classic look to head into the office? Shop our Roosevelt Buffalo Leather Satchel Messenger Bag or Denver Leather Briefcase. Or, opt for a heftier bag designed for longer trips with our Walker Leather Weekend Bag.

Are you a woman on the go with an eye for rustic, simple looks? Browse our leather goods to find your new must-have piece like the Walker Leather Shoulder Bag or Madison Leather Bucket Bag.

Your love for leather doesn’t have to stop at a good handbag—also explore our leather goods in other products from luggage tags to wallets, money clips, and journal covers.

Looking After Your Leather Goods

Taking care of leather goods is key to maintaining the quality and lustre of your piece. We encourage you to shop our leather care products for a premium cleaner and conditioner that’s safe and simple to use. You can also polish your leather with an easy four-ingredient solution from our blog. This will help restore fibers and protect the surface from stains to enhance shine and patina. Also, be sure to get some answers to your questions about how to care for wet or stained leather. Lastly, get an easy four step crash course on caring for all of your leather goods.

When shopping for a fine leather piece, be sure to know the difference in quality between real and fake material—investing in sturdy pieces will pay dividends. Rely on authenticity and craftsmanship, found in any of our leather goods from wallets to leather jackets.