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The way we work is changing. More and more, we have the freedom to explore what works best for us. Whether that’s enjoying the buzz and collaboration of the office, decompressing in a quiet corner of a coffee shop with your laptop and a latte, or balancing work and family life in your home office, we believe in following your own path.

And it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to office accessories. We’ve curated the perfect collection of leather goods that deliver uncompromised functionality alongside a timeless masculine style. 


Leather is one of man’s most impressive and versatile innovations. For thousands of years, its combination of durability and comfort has seen leather utilized for everything from clothing and upholstery to tools and even military equipment. 

So if it's not broke, why fix it? 

Leather office accessories are the perfect choice for anyone looking to bring practicality with a personal touch to work. 

With our Denver waxed canvas laptop cases, you can say goodbye to the frayed edges and broken straps you often find with cheap, mass-produced laptop bags. Combine old-fashioned pen and paper and modern tech with our Dakota leather journal cover & iPad mini case, with just the right combination of old and new. And finally do away with all of those promotional mouse pads that (seemingly) every company was inexplicably handing out to anyone who’d take one in the early nineties. Your mouse deserves better. It deserves its very own Denver leather mouse pad


If you think leather office accessories aren’t important, think again. Crafting the right environment and mood is key to your workplace success. Here’s why. 

Efficiency & Productivity 

Disorganization is the ultimate time-suck. You thought that paperwork was in the folder, that wire was in the box, but lo and behold, they’re nowhere to be found. Before you know it, your time is low and your stress levels are high.  

A simple, clutter-free workspace can make all the difference and instantly increase focus, productivity, and efficiency. And that’s where we come in. Where did you put your charger again? That’s right. In your Denver waxed canvas laptop case

Creativity & Innovation

Remember the days of staring at plain white office walls and waiting for 5:00? Before the likes of Google and Facebook started shaking up workspaces and introducing crazy things like slides as stairs, napping pods, and unlimited candy dispensers, offices were bleak and uninspiring places. 

We’re helping to change all that with our leather office accessories. Tablet for research? Check. Pad and pen to sketch out the next big game-changing invention? Check. When inspiration strikes, just reach for your Dakota leather journal cover & iPad mini case.

Confidence & Mindset

You’ve heard of “fake it till you make it,” right? Well, the right workspace can help you do just that. Whether it’s covering the walls with positive affirmations or hanging a picture of your favorite entrepreneur, creating the right environment can help build confidence and create a positive mindset. 

And a big part of that is what you wear and the accessories you carry. You might feel unprepared and anxious when you’re walking into that boardroom, but if you’re carrying a Buffalo Jackson leather briefcase, all anyone will see is success. 


1. Will a leather mousepad work?

Of course. The thickness and rigidity of the leather makes it strong and durable, while the super smooth surface makes for an easy mouse-gliding experience. Our Denver leather mouse pads can withstand a lot of use – and look darn good while they’re at it. 

2. Do I need to clean my leather office accessories? 

Nobody should turn up to work looking grubby – even your office accessories. 

Leather goods will always benefit from a bit of attention, and we have a range of premium leather care products and lots of helpful tips and tricks on how to care for leather.

3. How else do I up my workplace style game?  

You have the leather office accessories nailed. But if you want to take things to the next level, you can’t go wrong with one of our expertly crafted bags. You can choose a messenger, a briefcase, or even an attaché, depending on your needs. Whatever the image you want to create, our range of leather office-friendly bags are the embodiment of professional functionality and effortless masculine design. And if you have a real eye for detail, go on and add a hand crafted vintage leather belt to the look, for the ultimate in classic style.