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Our limited edition full-grain black leather bag collection is stocked with classics to complement your journey wherever it leads. Find inspiration to explore and freedom to roam with our no-nonsense yet stylish black leather bags.


Choosing the best leather bag can be easy if you know what to look for. We offer black leather bags in many different styles. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction. First things first, what kind of man are you shopping for? Rugged and outdoorsy? Clean cut and boardroom-ready? A bit of both? Whether shopping for a loved one or yourself, you can’t lose with full-grain black leather. So start there, and then pick one of these winners:

Black Leather Work Bags

He’ll walk into the boardroom with confidence when he carries a sleek, professional black leather briefcase bag. Or, he could opt for a vintage-style leather attaché briefcase, perfect for holding important documents and papers in a slim profile. On the other hand, if he needs more space for work essentials, he might prefer a leather messenger bag in a fine vintage finish, equipped with an adjustable leather strap and thick, durable stitching.

Black Leather Travel Bags

Our limited edition black leather bags include two classic designs perfect for the traveling man. Whether carried on his shoulder or stored under the seat in front of him, the Jefferson Leather Duffle is durable enough to handle the stress of today’s travel with style. Consider pairing the duffle with the limited edition black leather dopp kit. Whether he’s the type to pack the bare necessities or an over-packer with a Boy Scout mentality, these travel bags will have him covered.


Learning to clean a premium black leather bag without compromising its vintage finish and time-worn patina is essential. Here are three simple steps:


(*ALWAYS spot-test products before applying to an entire bag!)

1. Dust: Can any surface dust or dirt from your black leather bag with a brisk dusting of the exterior. (Dry-dusting your bag every few days with a clean, dry cloth is a great habit.)

2. Clean: Using a clean cloth, apply a leather cleaner in a circular motion. You can ensure you clean the entire bag evenly by covering one panel at a time. Next, remove the cleaner with a lightly dampened cloth. This type of cleaning is appropriate a few times a year, up to once a month. (If you have a more specific cleaning crisis, like a stain, see our article on removing stains from leather bags.)

3. Condition: It’s essential to condition the black leather after cleaning it. Full-grain leather is a natural material that will dry out over time without proper conditioning. To promote the longevity of your black leather bag, use a soft cloth to apply a leather conditioner. Don’t apply the conditioner directly onto the leather; apply it to the cloth and gently rub a thin layer into the bag's surface. Again, to ensure even coverage, work in large sections, panel by panel. Take special care around embellishments, pockets, and zippers. Finally, gently buff the leather surface with another soft, dry cloth. Condition your bag 1-2 times per year (even more often if you live in an arid climate).


What makes black leather bags a sophisticated choice for travel and daily use?

Black leather bags offer a blend of sophistication and practicality. Their clean lines, full-grain leather, and detailed craftsmanship make them both elegant and functional for a variety of occasions.

How do I care for my black leather bag to maintain its quality?

To care for your black leather bag, regularly dust it with a soft cloth and use a leather-specific cleaner for deeper cleaning. Conditioning the leather will keep it supple. Avoid overexposure to direct sunlight and moisture to maintain the leather's quality and color.

Are the black leather bags in this collection suitable for formal occasions?

Yes, our limited edition black leather bags are definitely suitable for formal occasions. Their sleek design and high-quality full-grain leather make them perfect for business meetings, formal events, or upscale travel.

What are the unique features of the Jefferson Leather Duffle?

The Jefferson Leather Duffle boasts a soft but structured full-grain leather exterior, a spacious interior with herringbone pattern lining, a separate shoe compartment, and quality YKK extended brass zippers. Its weaving leather technique and clean silhouette add to its sophisticated appeal.

Can I fit a laptop in the Jefferson Leather Duffle?

The spacious interior of the Jefferson Leather Duffle makes it suitable for carrying a laptop and other essentials for a weekend getaway or business trip. Always check your laptop's dimensions against the bag's interior measurements for the best fit.

What is the best way to store my black leather bag when not in use?

Store your black leather bag in a cool, dry place when not in use. Fill it with bubble wrap or tissue paper to maintain its shape, and cover it with a breathable cloth or dust bag to protect it from dust and scratches.

How does the Jefferson Leather Dopp Kit organize my travel essentials?

We designed the Jefferson Leather Dopp Kit with a spacious interior, including an interior zipper and open pocket for organization. It also features an exterior zipper and open pocket for easy access, making it ideal for organizing toiletries and travel essentials.

Can this collection's black leather bags be used for casual and formal settings?

Yes, our black leather bags are versatile enough for both casual and formal settings. Their timeless design and quality construction make them suitable for a range of occasions, from daily commuting to formal business travel.

Is the adjustable strap on the Jefferson Leather Duffle comfortable for long periods?

We designed the adjustable strap on the Jefferson Leather Duffle for comfort and easy carrying, even for long periods. The antique brass buckle and hardware add to its durability and easy adjustment.

What are the key features of the Jefferson Leather Attaché Briefcase?

We designed the Jefferson Leather Attaché Briefcase for the discerning individual. Key features include two large zipper compartments, a padded laptop sleeve, luxurious tanned full-grain leather, a herringbone pattern interior, and multiple pockets for organization. It's the perfect size for professionals and lifelong learners carrying essential documents and tech.

How does the Jefferson Leather Briefcase cater to professional needs?

The Jefferson Leather Briefcase offers a combination of luxury and practicality. It features a full-body extended YKK brass zipper for easy access, a spacious interior with two organizational compartments, a padded laptop sleeve, and an interior zipper pocket. This briefcase is ideal for carrying up to a 15" laptop along with other professional essentials.

Can the Jefferson Leather Messenger Bag withstand daily use?

Absolutely. The Jefferson Leather Messenger Bag is not only stylish with its richly tanned leather and classic herringbone lining but also robust enough to withstand daily demands. It features a top handle, adjustable strap, padded laptop sleeve, and interior organizational pockets, making it durable and functional for everyday use.

Is the Jefferson Leather Attaché Briefcase suitable for carrying electronic devices?

Yes, the Jefferson Leather Attaché Briefcase is designed with a padded laptop sleeve and secure zipper compartments, making it suitable for safely carrying laptops and other electronic devices, along with their accessories.

How does the design of the Jefferson Leather Briefcase enhance its functionality?

The Jefferson Leather Briefcase features a weaving leather technique for a clean silhouette, double handles for comfort, and an adjustable strap for versatility. Its premium herringbone pattern interior lining and spacious compartments enhance its functionality as a professional bag.

What makes the Jefferson Leather Messenger Bag unique?

The Jefferson Leather Messenger Bag's unique style comes from its soft but structured full-grain black leather, accented by antique nickel buckles and hardware. These details, coupled with the weaving leather technique and classic herringbone interior, give it a distinctive luxury automobile upholstery feel.

How versatile are the black leather bags in terms of carrying capacity?

We designed the black leather bags in this limited edition collection with versatility in mind. From the spacious Jefferson Leather Briefcase to the multi-compartment Attaché Briefcase and the robust Messenger Bag, each offers ample space and organizational features to suit various carrying needs.

Can the black leather bags from this collection be used for travel?

Yes, these black leather bags are suitable for travel. Their sturdy construction, spacious interiors, and secure compartments make them excellent companions for business trips, weekend getaways, or daily commutes.