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Our Women’s Leather Backpacks Will Stand the Test of Time

We believe every woman should invest in two things, a timeless purse and sturdy leather backpack. Our women’s leather backpacks are designed for those who know the difference between fashion and style. She likes to work and she loves to travel. And she’s strong, stronger than she knows. That’s why we’ve designed our leather backpacks to be beautiful and functional, rustic and durable. Whether it joins her on a hike in the mountains or running everyday errands, she’ll appreciate the reliable style it provides.

Made for Traveling—Women’s Leather Backpacks

Did your friends call you up for a weekend in the mountains? Is it time for your family’s annual beach vacation? Hiking away a Saturday in a new location? Wherever you’re heading, our women’s leather backpacks are ready to join you. Our Walker backpack is designed with multiple organization options and stays shut with a magnetic closure to protect your belongings. Constructed with handmade stitching details and full grain leather—these features ensure the longevity of this women’s leather backpack. For other travel accessories to store in your backpack, explore our leather journal covers. Travel with confidence knowing you have a reliable bag that is crafted for adventure.

Debating Between a Women’s Leather Backpack, Purse or Tote?

Options are great, but when you have so many leather bags to choose from at Buffalo Jackson, it can be hard to make a decision. If you can’t decide if a women’s leather backpack or purse is right for you, read up on our handy guide, 3 Types of Purses Every Woman Should Own. If you’re more of the traveling type, we recommend investing in a leather backpack that can accompany you on your explorations. Are you constantly on the go? Then a leather tote bag might be the right addition for now, (you can always get a backpack later).

Caring for Our Women’s Leather Backpacks

Want to learn our secret to keeping our leather products stunning for years to come? Conditioning. Read our guide on How to Use Leather Conditioner, a simple, yet commonly overlooked step to maintaining our women’s leather backpacks. Make sure you pick up a bottle of our Leather Cleaner or create your own DIY Leather Cleaner at home. While you don’t have to frequently clean or condition your bag, just remember to give it a look over once a month.