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Leather Briefcases for the Traveling Businessman

For men like you, keeping it brief doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or content. It means choosing the best parts for high level conversation, so you can start taking action as soon as your feet hit the ground. With that sentiment in mind, we designed our collection of leather briefcases to encompass all of the best elements of a work bag without the nonsense and frills—helping you keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Why Our Leather Briefcases Are Something Special

Sturdy, rugged, and perfectly built, our leather briefcases are made for the ideal rugged man. Tough, no question, but also clearly refined, be at ease with whatever’s headed your way. Whether jet setting to your next meeting or carrying it along on a weekend retreat, we know this—you’ll feel the difference in our handcrafted design and full grain leather. Carry on your shoulder or store under the seat in front of you to handle the stress of today’s travel while allowing you to arrive at your destination in unmistakable style. Our leather briefcases are a classic option for today’s rugged professional that works in a formal or traditional office environment.

If our leather briefcases really speak to you and your daily mission, consider browsing our Leather Journal Covers and Organization Accessories to match your new-found look. Store these accessories along with your laptop in our special briefcases with multiple interior compartments and holders. Are you constantly on the move and want another bag to go with your briefcase that says “I’m professional”? Then read up on our guide for Best Men’s Work Bags.

How to Maintain Our Leather Briefcases

It rides with you to work, it carries your laptop, books, pens, chargers — your briefcase is your trusted companion in the daily rise and grind. And it’s been exposed to its fair share of raindrops, spills, and dirty floors. Make sure you properly condition and clean our leather briefcases to wipe away the grit, but keep the rugged exterior. Read up on our guide How to Care for a Leather Briefcase and follow our 4 tips to ensure your briefcase has a good, long life. If you’re going to make the investment in one of our leather briefcases, it only makes sense to take the time to care for your leather.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What color briefcase should I get?
    Our customers can get a variety of different colored briefcases based on the buyer’s personal preferences, although brown, black, and tan are usually the most common colors for briefcases.
  2. Are briefcases better than backpacks?
    Briefcases are better than backpacks at being more formal, and using better material. However, backpacks are better at distributing weight, being cheaper, and carrying more weight than a briefcase.
  3. Why is it called a briefcase?
    The briefcase got its name from its original intended use of carrying legal briefs and was invented in the late 1850s.
  4. What is Buffalo Jackson's best briefcase?
    All of Buffalo Jackson’s leather products are handcrafted by artisans worldwide from genuine bison or cowhide so you know that you’re getting the best quality in all of our briefcases. Some of our most popular briefcases include the Roosevelt buffalo leather briefcase bag and the Denver leather briefcase. 
  5. How does Buffalo Jackson make their briefcases?
    By partnering with creators, artisans, and crafters from around the world, Buffalo Jackon is able to make their handcrafted briefcases and deliver an outstanding product that lasts our customers for decades.