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Waxed Canvas Bags That Fuel Your Spirit

Taking care in the quality of every piece you own is essential—you need well-made, lasting waxed canvas bags that will follow you on life’s journey, as well as every small moment in between. With the innate need to explore and live life to its fullest, you’ll find peace in knowing that our waxed canvas bags are made to compliment your character.

Explore Our Waxed Canvas Bags

Whether you’re looking for waxed canvas bags to take with you on a weekend trip, or a bag that you can carry everyday, our collection has something for everyone. Discover the Dakota Waxed Canvas Oversized Weekend Bag for a bag that’s ready to keep up with you and offers enough space, storage, and security for all of your travel essentials—from snacks to sweatshirts. If you’re searching for an option that’s a bit more suitable for a day in and out of the boardroom, shop our Dakota Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag, built with 100% waxed canvas and top-grain leather accents, it’s a perfect dupe of the traditional vintage military canvas bags from years gone by.

Interested in learning more about waxed canvas bags? Read about the history of these pieces on our blog. Or, check out the difference between canvas vs. waxed canvas for a better idea of what you’re buying. Have some reservations about how to upkeep waxed canvas bags after purchase? Hear our answers to these great questions: “Does Waxed Canvas Rub Off?” or “Is Waxed Canvas Waterproof?

How to Care for Waxed Canvas Bags

Once you own a waxed canvas bag, it’s important to take care of it to maintain the quality look and feel. Of course, these bags are made to last, but it doesn’t hurt to spruce them up from time to time. Shop our canvas care products for an unbeatable canvas wax, designed for both treated and untreated materials. Provide protection with this easy to apply semi-stick that’s sourced from all-natural, local ingredients. Just make sure your waxed canvas bags are clean and dry before treating.

Find the perfect compliment to your bag when you browse our variety of waxed canvas dopp kits—great for storing all of your toiletries or other small, miscellaneous items during a quick trip. Or, explore our robust collection of outdoor apparelto complete your look—from alluring leather jackets to lightweight graphic tees, there’s something for the explorer in all of us.


1. Why choose waxed canvas over regular canvas for bags?

Waxed canvas offers additional benefits like enhanced durability, water resistance, and a unique aesthetic that ages beautifully, compared to regular canvas. For more, see our blog discussing canvas vs. waxed canvas.

2. How often should I re-wax my canvas bag?

This depends on usage, but typically once a year or when the bag starts losing its water-resistant quality is a good time to re-wax. Check out our guide on how to re-wax a canvas bag.

3. Can I wash my waxed canvas bag?

Washing in a machine is not recommended. Instead, clean your bag using a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid submerging it in water. For more detail, see our guide on how to clean waxed canvas bags.

4. Does the color of the waxed canvas fade over time?

Waxed canvas ages gracefully, developing a patina over time. While it might lighten slightly with wear, this adds to its unique vintage appeal.

5. Is the Dakota Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag suitable for carrying laptops?

Yes, it's designed to replicate vintage military canvas bags, ensuring durability and ample storage, making it perfect for laptops and daily essentials.

6. Will items inside the bag stay dry in the rain?

Waxed canvas is water-resistant, so it will protect your belongings during light showers. However, in heavy downpours, it's best to seek shelter or use an additional protective layer.

7. What should I do if my waxed canvas bag gets a tear or scratch?

Minor scuffs and marks add character to the bag. For tears, consider seeking professional repair or using a patch to maintain the bag's integrity.

8. Are there any items I shouldn't store in a waxed canvas bag?

Avoid storing sharp objects or liquids that can pierce or stain the canvas. Always use pouches or containers for items that might spill or leak.

9. How do I store my waxed canvas bag when not in use?

Store your bag in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid folding or creasing the bag to maintain its shape.