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Which Leather Jacket is Best for You?

What types of leather jackets complement your natural personality? There are countless ways to choose between our leather jacket styles, but one of our favorites is finding the jacket that best reflects your go-to mindset. No matter which jacket style you choose, you can be sure that our best selling leather jackets are built with a legacy you can trust.

Refined, Rugged, or Rebellious

Call it fate or call it “the Thompson,” either way it's impossible not to feel right in this vintage-inspired jacket. As one of our top selling leather jackets, it easily gives any outfit a refined rugged aesthetic. Keep it classy and casual — the more you wear this moto / racer jacket, the better it looks and feels. If you prefer a more “worn” look, then we have the right piece of apparel for you.

The trademark features of leather trucker jackets speak directly to the rugged man’s sense of style. Introducing the Driggs Leather Jacket, constructed with full grain leather with seam details to match those classic denim jackets this piece will quickly become your year-round go-to. For a nice in-between refined and rugged, our rebellious bomber is right up your alley.

Crafted with 100% full grain leather and iconic diamond quilted lining, our slim fit Rebel Bomber Jacket features a concealed full-length zipper paired with twin pockets secured by button snaps. Dress it up or down if you want, but for the rebel at heart, this style of leather jacket outfits well with a t-shirt, work pants, and boots.

Better as Time Goes On

As you consider various leather jacket styles, remember: no matter the style, the best leather jackets are made of fine leather and quality construction, both of which get even better with age. Like fine wine, we can guarantee all of our leather jackets age with grace and only get better with time. So, whichever style suits you, you’re sure to have a piece that lasts a lifetime. To help ensure the longevity of your leather, read our 3 Steps to Properly Care for Your Leather Bag.