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Take Our Leather Messenger Bags on an Adventure

Throw on our Roosevelt Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag and head outside to start your day. Crafted with an adjustable shoulder strap, it’s made to be worn over the shoulder or slung around your back—how you decide to wear it is up to you. Expertly crafted with buffalo hide, it can take the sun, heat, cold, rain, wind, whatever weather condition you expose it to. Our leather messenger bags are made to handle a days worth of work, whether that’s in the office or out shooting photos in the woods. This isn’t a bag you have to worry about carrying everyday, because of our expert craftsmanship, it only continues to get better with time. If you want to see other products that are crafted for those who like to get out to the wild, check out our collection of leather bags for men.

Difference Between Our Leather Messenger Bags, Briefcases, and Backpacks

We offer a lot of leather bags for men, and while that’s great, you may be wondering what’s the difference between our leather messenger bags and a briefcase? Depending on your work environment, our leather briefcases are more polished looking for a professional environment than a messenger bag. If you can get away with a more casual option, then a messenger bag provides a little extra storage with a rugged, gritty look. If storage is important to you, trying to decide between our leather messenger bags and backpacks may come across your mind. If you’re going for the most casual end of our leather bag spectrum, then a leather backpack is right for you.

Plus, you can take this along for your weekend travels. However, if you still need to keep that middle ground of casual and versatile, we would recommend investing in a leather messenger bag.

Wipe the Grit Off Your Leather Messenger Bag

It goes to work with you, it travels with you, and it has made a lot of memories with you. Make sure you take the time to clean up your trusted leather messenger bag from time to time to keep it looking sharp. And while every patina and every mark tells the story of something great, too much dust or wear can make it look dull. So, read up on our guide, 3 Steps to Properly Care for Your Leather Bag to learn how to clean, condition, and store your leather messenger bag.


1. What are leather messenger bags made for?

You can throw on one of our leather messenger bags and head to the office or the wild. Crafted for adventure, they can easily handle daily wear. Our leather messenger bags don't just carry your stuff; they grow and adventure with you, only getting better over time.

2. What sets Buffalo Jackson’s leather messenger bags apart?

It's the blend of rugged charm and enduring craftsmanship. Need a refined, tailored look? Go for this briefcase. But if it's a rugged, versatile piece with extra storage you want, you can't beat our leather messenger bags. And if you're looking for something even more casual, consider a leather backpack. But for that perfect balance of class and adventurous spirit, our leather messenger handbags hit the mark.

3. How do I care for my leather messenger bag?

Your leather messenger bag shares your life's adventures, so give it some TLC now and then. Too much dust or wear can make it look dull, and while every mark tells a story, you'll want to keep it looking sharp. Follow our guide, 3 Steps to Properly Care for Your Leather Bag, to clean, condition, and store your leather messenger bag.

4. Where can I take my leather messenger bag?

Anywhere life takes you! Whether you're hitting the office or the trails, we've crafted our leather messenger bags to go with you. Made with top-quality leather, they're as ready for the day as you are. If you love to explore, you'll find these bags perfect companions. 

5. How will a leather messenger bag match my style?

With our expert craftsmanship, quality materials, and various styles, there's a leather messenger bag for everyone. Whether you're looking for something rugged for weekend getaways or something that combines casual and versatile for daily use, investing in our leather messenger bags ensures a piece that resonates with your unique style and needs.

6. Why choose a leather messenger bag from Buffalo Jackson?

Because you want more than just a bag. You want a trusty companion that embodies your passion for life, adventure, and quality. You want something that doesn't just look good but tells your story. Our leather messenger bags are not only functional and stylish but bear the marks and patina of your life well-lived. Find the one that fits you best in our collection.