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Every adventuring man needs a high-quality outdoor vest for those crisp mornings on the trail. You’re zipped up and buttoned up, blocking out the cold. Sure, vests are sleeveless. But they’re keeping you warm in the area it matters most. And when the sun burns off the morning dew and the bitter chill is gone, you rely on your vest as a statement piece and a tool until your adventure is done.

But you also need an outdoor vest that can take you from the trail or campfire to the office, a party, and back again. The men’s outdoor vests from Buffalo Jackson Trading Company use natural materials, like lambskin leather, down, canvas, and corduroy, to give you the utility and style you need. 


Maybe you just want an outdoor vest for adventuring and working around the yard. Or maybe you want a durable yet stylish statement piece to help you stand out from the crowd. You can find the materials and fit you want out of a men’s vest. 


Our puffer vests are insulated with 80/20 down and have that classic ridged style. These are the true heroes of lightweight warmth, so they’re usually a go-to garment for exploring – but still effortlessly stylish when you need them to be. 

We know you don’t always want the clean and polished look that you get with other puffer vests. That’s why the material of our leather puffer vests is aged and distressed, giving your vest character before you even put it on. But if you do need a bit of polish, our corduroy and canvas puffer vests put a rugged, outdoorsman twist on the puffer vest look.

All our down puffer vests are lined with easy-clean polyester that keeps these vests light as a feather (they are filled with down after all).


In addition to the contemporary puffer vest style, our collection of leather vests also includes the classic Western cut. The seams along the chest, upper back, and pockets really evoke the modern cowboy without being hokey. The aged leather makes it seem like you’ve had this vest for years — maybe it was even passed down from dad and his dad before him. Truly classic.

Our leather vests are lined with ultrasoft sherpa to increase the warmth factor without weighing you down. The sherpa looks like real wool, further adding to that authentic cowboy feel. But it’s not going to scratch at your neck or make you overheat.


Canvas is a lightweight yet durable cotton material that’s perfect for hiking. The shoulders and collar of our canvas vests feature corduroy for a little more visual interest — something you probably won’t find in many other puffer vests. And while our canvas vests are filled with down, the collar is lined with sherpa for added warmth and cowboy style.


All of our men’s outdoor vests are versatile, so you can dress them up or down for any setting. But when looking for other items in your closet to pair with your vest, you have to think about the material of the vest and its shape. Let these features guide you.

The men’s outdoor vests from Buffalo Jackson always look good with a flannel shirt and jeans. Put on your hiking boots and you’re ready to hit the trail. But you can also quickly dress up a flannel and outdoor vest with some khakis and nice shoes. 

If you’ve got a rolled-neck sweater hanging up in your closet, you could layer a leather puffer vest over that. Mixing sophistication with ruggedness can work really well if you need to get a little more dressed up, like for a meeting or a family event. But if you want to keep it super casual, you can wear a puffer vest over one of our Buffalo Jackson hoodies. 


It’s pretty simple. It’s just like caring for your leather jacket but without the sleeves. You can follow our in-depth leather care guide. But to get you started, remember these quick tips:

  • Always use a soft cloth or soft bristled brush to dust a leather vest and wipe away dust, debris, or oil buildup.
  • Use circular motions when targeting dust and debris.
  • If you’re using soap, only use a mild detergent. And don’t go making the solution all soapy — a few teaspoons in a cup of water is just fine.
  • When using water and detergent to clean stains, blot, don’t scrub. Watermarks can tarnish the leather.
  • Use as little water as possible. Give that sponge or cloth a real good wring before touching the vest with it.
  • Hang dry your leather vest, and never — and we mean never — use direct heat, like a hair dryer or sunlight.
  • Use a leather cleaner to remove dust, preserve the leather, and add some shine.