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The Leather Bomber Jacket Style

Inspired by the past, but infused with new creative design, the sky's the limit for today’s leather bomber jackets. Modern bomber jacket styles are a reflection of what we’ve loved about the originals, but with a creative mingling of new features and design additions. We love the updated, yet classic look of our Legacy Flight Jacket with a slim fit and straight cuffs, plus the chest and and slit pockets are right where they belong. Or you can opt for our Rebel Bomber Jacket, with snug cotton detailing at the neck, wrists, and waist to give you extra warmth and comfort on brisk nights chasing the horizon.

The History of Leather Bomber Jackets

Leather bomber jackets are about a century year old, so asking how they got their name is a legitimate question. These special jackets were created for WWI pilots because the cockpits in their fighter planes were open-air and uninsulated, making for bitter cold conditions. The history of the bomber jacket is one of growth and adaptation, of military precision and everyday comfort, of meeting practical needs and representing cultural phenomena. It’s been our honor to design and create premium leather bomber jackets that reflect their roots—we think Grandad would approve.

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