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A pullover is just that — a top that you pull on over your head. No need to overcomplicate it. It’s not as thick and warm as a coat, but it’s perfect for layering. You can take it off when the day heats up, or you can pile your favorite jacket on top for ultimate, customizable warmth.

Our quilted pullover is probably what comes to mind when you think of a men’s pullover. The stitched diamond pattern evokes grandma’s quilts — warm, comforting, familiar. But it’s polished without making you look stuffy. The design is also versatile, so you can wear it with basically anything and still look put together. The quilted pullover from Buffalo Jackson is durable and insulating but not too heavy, and you get a comfortable collar with snap buttons to lock in warmth.

A collared pullover combines the comfort and warmth of a hoodie with business casual sophistication when you need it. It’s perfect for layering over your office clothes and taking it off once you clock in. Sleek lines, a tight hem, and simple contrasting color design mean you can get away with wearing it all day at the office, too. You can get a collared men’s pullover in our uber-soft fleece or the simple quilted diamond pattern.

We often think of hoodies as their own separate category, but they’re pullovers at heart. Our hoodies are durable, soft, and versatile. Go wild for the plush, bear fur hoodie, or keep it casual with the athletic style in tri-blend cotton. All of our hoodies have the signature kangaroo pouch in the front so you always have a convenient and comfortable place to keep your hands warm. And you can stick with the regular drawstring hood variety or upgrade to the button-up hood.


Pullovers are just one piece of the men’s outerwear puzzle. Built for layering, they work well as a permanent part of any cool-weather look. At Buffalo Jackson, you have your pick of a variety of soft fabrics and versatile styles that can take you from a hike to a tailgate to the office and back.

When the temperature is going from one extreme to the other, layer a jacket over a pullover for fully customizable warmth. Our jackets are made with the finest leather, the sturdiest waxed canvas, or the warmest wool blend. Heavyweight jackets can do the trick in cold weather, especially with a pullover underneath. Mid- to lightweight jackets are built for cooler temps. Snag a heavy-duty work jacket or stylish statement piece like a bomber jacket, motorcycle jacket, or cowboy cut.

Shirt jacs are a great alternative to a pullover since they cut the chill without too much added weight or restriction. They’re like a heavier duty version of your favorite rugged button-up shirts or a lighter version of your favorite jacket. You could even consider them a zip-up or button-up version of a pullover.

Vests are the ultimate layering piece — they’re even easier to take off than a jacket or pullover. Many Buffalo Jackson vests have a true-to-size fit but still offer a lot of mobility without much restriction. You can even wear a puffer vest over your pullover to keep you even warmer where it counts the most.


At Buffalo Jackson, we make men’s outerwear, apparel, and accessories that are built to last. That means only using the best materials we can find. 

Our pullovers are made with soft cotton fleece and cotton blends. The Kodiak hoodies and pullovers have our signature Kodiak fleece inside and out. It’s sleek and well-groomed, like a Kodiak bear’s fresh coat. But our pullover material is more teddy bear, less grizzly. 

If you’re looking for the comfort of a trusty hoodie, look no further than our tri-blend fleece made of polyester, cotton, and rayon. It offers stretch and give for comfort but locks in warmth. Or opt for one of our quilted cotton pullovers that feels layered but too heavy.

Our pullovers go great with the wide variety of materials found in our other outerwear staples. You can have sherpa-style cotton for the look of real wool without the scratchiness. Choose rugged and durable sheepskin, cowskin, or lambskin leather that’s aged to make your jackets and vests look storied. Shield yourself from the wind and rain with waxed canvas that collects scuffs and scratches the more you wear it, giving the material even more character.


You may not need to wash your pullovers all the time. Just be on the lookout for stains or stink. The state of your wrist cuffs is a great indicator for when it’s time to run your pullover through the wash.

Our cotton athletic hoodies can be washed and dried like anything else in the laundry basket. They’re machine washable, and you can put them through the dry cycle as normal. But our fleece hoodies and pullovers could use a little more TLC. You can do a machine wash to freshen up the fabric, but consider hanging it to dry like nature intended. This can keep that soft fleece feeling plush. 


Pullovers are meant to be easily taken off, but that doesn’t mean they’re always temporary. You can certainly style a pullover as the center of your outfit. 

Hoodies are best for ultra casual looks. Think tailgating, working around the yard, having a cookout on a cool day, going to and from the gym, or going for a run on a crisp morning. Style with jeans for the ultimate casual look, but khakis to elevate it.

You can dress the quilted pullover up or down. Wear jeans, and put on a T-shirt or a henley underneath for an everyday look that still impresses. Pair with khakis or slacks if you’re headed to work, a meeting, or other special event that calls for a little more class.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men's Pullovers

What makes a quilted pullover a standout choice?

Our quilted pullovers are unique because they combine the comfortable nostalgia of grandma’s soft cotton quilts with a polished, contemporary look. They are versatile and pair well with almost anything. Our quilted men's pullovers are crafted for durability and feature a comfortable snap-button collar.

What makes a fleece pullover a solid choice?

The appeal of our fleece pullovers lies in their perfect blend of plush comfort and rugged style. They are crafted from soft, high-quality fleece that provides warmth without the weight, making them ideal for layering or standalone wear. Our fleece men's pullovers are designed for lasting wear, featuring thoughtful details like ribbed cuffs and a warm stand-up collar.

How should I choose the right size for my pullover?

To find your perfect fit, measure your chest, shoulders, and sleeve length. Our fleece pullovers are true to size, but keep in mind that we designed our quilted pullovers with a tailored fit. We recommend sizing up if you intend to layer or prefer a relaxed fit. (If you're layering underneath, add 2-4 inches to your chest measurement for a comfortable fit.) We've also provided detailed measurements on each product page.

Can these pullovers handle colder weather?

Yes, our men's pullovers are perfect for cold weather. They provide the right amount of warmth for layering without being too bulky, making them ideal for chilly days.

How can I style a pullover for different occasions?

Pullovers are incredibly versatile. Pair a hoodie with jeans for a relaxed, casual look, or elevate your style with a quilted pullover, khakis, or slacks for work or special events. The key is to match the pullover with the right pants and shoes to suit the occasion.

What materials do you use for your men's pullovers?

Our fleece men's pullovers feature 100% super soft polyester fabric and 100% nylon trim. Our quilted men's pullovers feature a soft, quilted body of 100% cotton, a nylon placket and button flap, and polyester-lined pockets.