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Explore Our Timeless Leather Bucket Bags

Shaped just as the name suggests, Buffalo Jackson leather bucket bags are round purses with a flat bottom. This flat surface allows the bag to sit upright without falling over and spilling its contents. Because of its popularity, bucket bags are currently made in a wide variety of materials. But if you want a purse that you can carry every day, we know our leather and waxed canvas are durable materials that are made for travel. Learn a little more about our unique leather bucket bags to decide if they’re the next quality investment for your collection.

Unique Leather Bucket Bag Features

If you love the toss-it-in ease of a tote, then our leather bucket bags are for you. Designed in a chic, easy-to-carry silhouette, they can be worn across your body—great for days on the go—or on your shoulder, ideal for a night out. Bucket bags typically have a top drawstring closure, this is a crucial element as it will determine how easy it will be to open and close. Be sure your bucket bag has a smooth but secure drawstring closure, like our waxed canvas and leather bucket bag. One extra detail to look for on the bottom of a bucket bag is metal feet to protect the leather—notice the antique brass knobs on the bottom of our Madison leather bucket bag. Learn more about bucket bags in our blog, What is a Bucket Bag?

Traveling with Your Leather Bucket Bag

Though small, don’t underestimate the storage space in our leather bucket bags. Are you heading to the airport? Throw in your password, wallet, sunglasses, and whatever necessities you need to have on hand. When you arrive at your destination, simply drop off your baggage, grab your bucket bag, and be on your way to explore. Big enough to store what you need, you’ll even have room to throw in a few small trinkets from your trip. Want another quality leather bag that’s great for traveling? Check out our leather duffle bags, a beautiful match to go with your favorite purse.

Caring for Your Leather Bucket Bag

Want to keep your leather bucket bag as beautiful as it was the day you brought it home? Check out our special products for leather care. And if you want some tips and tricks on how to clean and condition your purse, read our blog post on how to properly care for your leather bag.