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What is a Bucket Bag? 5 Important Details

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Xan Hood

If you’ve been even vaguely aware of recent trends in women’s purses, you may be asking, “What is a bucket bag?” Ah, yes. The bucket bag. The bucket bag trend is alive and thriving, and for good reason. Bucket bags will carry all your essentials with the toss-it-in ease of a tote but in a more tidy, chic package. Here are 5 important details to consider when shopping for a bucket bag.


The best bucket bags don’t necessarily look like buckets. They will, however, have a flat bottom that is round or oval in shape. The flat bottom allows the bucket bag to sit upright without falling over and spilling its contents. One extra detail to look for on the bottom of your bucket bag is metal feet to protect the material. The antique brass feet on this leather bucket bag protect the bottom from undue wear.


Bucket bags typically have a top drawstring closure. It’s important to consider this part of your bag. How easy will it be to open and close your bucket bag? You want easy to access your bag’s contents, but you don’t want the drawstring slipping open unintentionally. Be sure your bucket bag has a smooth but secure drawstring closure -- like this waxed canvas and leather bucket bag with a smooth leather drawstring.


Do you prefer to carry a purse on your shoulder? Across your body? On your wrist or in your hand? You can carry bucket bags in any of these ways -- but probably not all in one bag. Some bucket bags have a bracelet-like handle, and others have a longer strap that allows you to wear it cross-body or over the shoulder. Think about how you’re most comfortable carrying your purse, and choose a bucket bag with the handle or strap that meets your particular preference. This leather bucket bag includes an adjustable strap perfect for on-the-shoulder or crossbody wear.


Thanks to its popularity, bucket bags are currently being made in a wide array of materials. Very wide. From velvet and sequins to faux fur and rhinestones, if you can imagine it, someone has made a bucket bag out of it. May we make a suggestion? Consider taking advantage of a trend without falling prey to being overly trendy. If you want a unique, quirky accessory, then the furry, sparkly bag may be for you. Carry it proudly. But if you want a bag you can carry every day, invest in a quality, timeless material like waxed canvas or high-quality leather.


Bucket bags come in a variety of sizes, generally ranging from mini to medium-sized. The inside of most bucket bags is much like a tote: one roomy interior space. But, be sure to look at the details. A zippered inside pocket can be crucial for holding smaller essentials like your keys or ID. If you’re looking for an everyday purse, a mid-size bucket bag like this one is a great option -- and even has a zippered pocket inside.

What is a bucket bag? In a sea of enormous - and yes, beautiful - totes and shoulder bags, the fun and flirty bucket bag is holding her own.

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