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How to Break In a Leather Jacket

Congratulations are in order! You’ve invested in quite possibly The Staple of all clothing staples–the leather jacket. It smells new, and it looks great, but much like bringing home a new baby from the hospital, you might find yourself with that “now what?” feeling.

Even before you launch into all the possibilities of what to wear with it, you might be asking: How do I break in my new leather jacket? Don’t worry; we know a lot about leather.

How to Break in a Leather Jacket

It’s a bit intimidating to nail down the “dos and don'ts” of how to handle leather. We know your aunt “swears by coconut oil and puts hers in the dryer.” (Please, don’t do that.) This is worth getting right, so here are 4 easy steps to get you started.


1. wear it.

Honestly, let’s just keep it simple, shall we? That new leather jacket will mold perfectly to your chiseled physique like body armor the more you wear it. Never underestimate what good ‘ol Father Time can do for breaking in a leather jacket.


man breaking in a leather jacket



We know it sounds silly, but this is one of the best ways to loosen up the leather and create the broken-in look and feel you want. Simply use your hands to tightly crunch your leather jacket up into a ball. Release and repeat.


man standing with a motorcycle in a black leather jacket



The more you move in it, the more flexible your leather jacket will be. Obvious, right? But just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Here are some suggestions that will have you breaking in your leather jacket in no time. (Buckle up, it might get weird.)



Loosen up those shoulders and get to those windmills! 1 minute forward, 1 minute backwards. For you overachievers out there, add another minute of going forward with one arm and going backward with the other–it’s still just as difficult as you remember from 4th grade. As your deltoids start cramping your jacket will loosen.



Drop and give us twenty. (Yes, with your jacket on.) After a solid set (or three) of pushups, you’ll notice the stiffness in the shoulders and arms of your leather jacket softening and breaking in as it adjusts to your movements.



The first rule of breaking in a leather jacket is… wait. Nevermind. Pull on your jacket, find a punching bag, and throw some punches. The more your jacket moves with your body, the better it will feel.


man walking on a trail in a leather jacketman standing with a motorcycle in a black leather jacket



Real leather is a natural surface that can get dirty and dry out. Just like soap and lotion help keep your hands clean and not too rough, using proper cleaners and conditioners will keep your leather feeling soft and looking great. Proper care can even add years to the life of your jacket. Try something like our all natural Leather Cleaner and regionally sourced Leather Conditioner. Having both on hand will help keep all your leather goods in top shape.

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