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How to Style a Leather Jacket (Men’s Style)

There’s no way around it: leather jackets are here to stay. With timeless style and unmatched versatility, the leather jacket is a key addition to any wardrobe. But, even though most people   can confidently say that leather jackets are stylish, not everyone feels confident in how to style a leather jacket. You know what we mean – how do you make the style your own? You’ve got an amazing leather jacket, but what do you wear with it?

What Do I Wear With My Leather Jacket?

Really, the short answer is whatever you want. But if that doesn’t help, here are a few specific suggestions for how to style a leather jacket:


1. Jeans & Tee SHIRT

Nothing says classic quite like a leather jacket with a black or white tee and a pair of jeans. This simple look is a timeless winner, forged by the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando. You could even add some interest with your favorite graphic tee. (If your wife has stolen all of your graphic tees and you’re not up for a fight, we’ve got a great one for you here.)


man with leather jacket in gray graphic tee shirt and black sunglasses


2. sweater

This particular look is a great one for the colder months! With the right combo of being dressed up but not over the top, it makes a great outfit for a special night out. But, make sure those sweater sleeves aren’t too baggy, or you’ll battle the excess-material-in-the-armpit-syndrome. This situation is totally avoidable. (Check out this article for more specifics on how a leather jacket should fit.)


3. plaid button down

Absolutely yes to this outfit. We love plaids, and we’ve got all of the flannel you could ever need. Try our Waxhaw Buffalo Plaid Flannel or our Fairbanks Flannel Shirt. Get them in all the colors. You cannot go wrong on this one.

Designed with quality and a time-honored heritage in mind Buffalo Jackson's collection of men's flannel shirts can handle whatever you throw at them and make the perfect addition to any leather jacket wardrobe.


4. sweatshirt

This might be a touch out of bounds for some, but it’s still a look worth trying. A great hoodie underneath a leather jacket is a great way to sharpen up your casual vibe. Even your old sweatshirt from college would do the trick! (Okay, that one is a maybe. How long ago was college?)


man wearing black leather moto jacket with sunglasses and trucker hat


5. sunglasses or hat

Never underestimate how much an accessory can upgrade what you’re wearing. A pair of aviators always makes an outfit cooler. A knit beanie can bring out a relaxed vibe (bonus points if it’s actually cold outside). Our trucker hat can make the look more casual, or a fedora with a flannel shirt or sweater can dress up the whole outfit. Mix and match, and figure out what you like best!

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We hope this list helps you find the right “fit,” as the kids say these days. And, whatever outfit you choose, remember that the best tip for styling a leather jacket is confidence. So, pick your style, and wear it like you mean it.


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