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Leather Backpacks Inspire Lifelong Journeys

We are honored to recreate leather backpacks that look and feel like days gone by, only alive in our minds and history books. As we craft these bags, we’re longing for a time when people stood for things that mattered, traveled to places that were uncharted and untamed, and worked with their hands and heads to sculpt a better future for themselves and others. That’s why our leather backpacks and rucksacks are inspired by the military bags of the past—for the rugged roots that grow in us all.

Explore Our Leather Backpacks

We know that travelers like you cannot be tamed, cannot be told to slow down, and cannot be weighed down by the materialistic values of the world we live in today. We know that you need space to explore and the right bag to help you on your journey. With our collection of signature leather backpacks, discover what it feels like to finally travel without boundaries—nothing tying you down, just the perfect backpack to support you and carry the essentials.

If you’re planning a short day trip through the mountains, check out our Denver Leather Backpack for the perfect sized carry-all, equipped with a front zipper pocket for easy access to smaller items, and antique brassware to support its durable nylon stitching. If you think you need a bit more storage space for your essentials, you can also browse our collection of leather duffle bags for a heftier carry-on. Or, maybe you’re planning a scenic adventure and want to take your camera equipment, too. Shop our leather and waxed canvas camera bags for secure technology storage options. Looking for leather backpacks that are perfect for women? Check out our Walker Small Leather Backpack for a suitable, fashionable option as well. Don’t be fooled—our leather backpacks also transition well to the boardroom...their classic style keeps business in mind to support you from the office to off the beaten path. Just make sure they stay clean and conditioned!

How to Care for Leather Backpacks

Don’t forget to maintain the lustre and look of leather backpacks with our exclusive leather and canvas care products. Properly caring for your bags is very important to support its quality and durability. Our leather conditioner offers maximum protection and restoration with an all-natural, specially formulated blend of seed oils, lipids, and beeswax. Also, having a leather cleaner on hand is great for removing dirt buildup, surface stains, and other contaminants.

Before you strap on one of our leather backpacks and head on your way, check out one of our blog posts “The Stories You Carry” to hear more about the character leather goods hold, and the character you give them as you make your way through life. We know that every scratch and mark of patina carry a story about who you are and where you’ve been with our leather backpacks in tow. Also, read more about how to search for adventure on our blog—hint: the key is to never stop looking. Wherever you go, go with pride, character, hard work, and spirit….the leather backpacks will take care of the rest.