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A Luggage Tag for Every Adventure

For trips big and small, our leather luggage tags will help you find your luggage with ease. Made with an adjustable buckle and a slot for your information, luggage tags help you worry less about your bags and let you focus on the adventure you’re about to embark on. It’s time to hit the road, where will you go next?

A Gift for the Jet Setter

If you have a favorite globe trotter in your life, our leather luggage tags make the perfect gift. Though it may seem small, they are a necessity when traveling, especially if you have more than one bag. From helping you spot your bag in the endless sea of luggage on the airport carousel to making sure your suitcase doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s—it's the easiest way for your belongings to return to you if lost. But a luggage tag made of leather can also be an opportunity to add a little rustic personality to your friend’s bags, which they’ll appreciate with all the traveling they do.

Other Travel Must-Haves You Don’t Want to Forget

The quality of your travel experience can be greatly affected by the quality of your travel accessories. First things first, you need to know what type of bag you’ll be packing. What is your destination like, and how long are you staying? Will a messenger bag suffice for an overnight work trip? Or do you need the space of a weekender or duffle bag? Learn more about how to choose the best bag for travel on our blog.

You also want to have a reliable way to carry and organize your personal essentials, such as one of our toiletry bags or dopp kits. And when traveling abroad, the need for a quality travel wallet is dire - one that is large enough to hold a passport, cards, cash, yet modest enough to tuck in a pocket and keep close at hand while exploring. And remember to take some time to care for your leather luggage tag and goods—learn how to care for your leather in 4 simple steps.