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The Best Leather Duffle Bags for Every Adventure

If you’re looking for a duffle bag to accompany you on last-minute business trips, our leather duffle bags are up your alley. Full grain leather provides a clean silhouette and sharp appearance without skimping on the space a duffle bag should offer. Perfect for a weekend bag, a leather duffle won’t disappoint the adventure-seeking spirit that lives in all of us. In fact, the right duffle will allow you to adventure without boundaries. Want to learn how to make the most out of the space in your bag? Read How to Pack Your Duffle Bag, so you can fit your favorite pair of boots, jeans, and a few flannels.

Keeping Your Leather Duffle Looking Its Best

Between your travels, take the time to properly care for your leather bag by cleaning and conditioning. Our premium leather products are a great investment, but taking care of the leather can ensure that you can use it for many years. Whether you choose to buy our leather care or DIY your own leather conditioner, knowing how to care for your leather is vital. With this knowledge, you won’t have to worry about the marks or stains your bag might encounter along the way and can focus on just making memories.

The Best Leather Duffle Bag for the Ages

When you think of handing down your old leather duffel bag to your children or a loved one, what makes it inheritable? The quality of the craftsmanship? The patina of leather? Yes, these. But also what the bag represents: home, love, grit. It’s the hidden things, beneath our human patina, that matter most in this world. And those are the things worth passing on. Learn more about the real stories from our customers and how they incorporate leather bags into their daily lives.