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Men’s Fashion Tips: 4 Essentials for the Rugged Gentleman

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

The rugged gentleman takes pride in his appearance without compromising his rugged spirit and sense of adventure. Do men’s fashion trends matter to him? Sure. But he definitely doesn’t have the time -- or desire -- to sift through “101 fashion tips for men.” To keep it simple, we’ve boiled it down to these 4 essentials:

1. Leather Wallet

Every man needs a good leather wallet. Even the best-dressed gentleman will ruin his look by bringing out an overstuffed, raggedy billfold to pay for dinner. Look for fine craftsmanship and high-quality leather, and you’ll have a wallet you’re proud to pull out when it’s time to pay the bill. Check out these men’s leather wallets for examples of handmade wallets that are built to last.

2. Quality Belt

Belts seem to have become optional in recent years, and we’re not really on board with the trend. It’s pretty simple: if a man’s pants (or shorts) have belt loops, he ought to wear a belt. Unfortunately, cheap belts can tend to get shabby with frequent use, so quality materials are a must. Get yourself a real leather belt, and you’ll be good to go. This collection of men’s leather belts includes belts constructed of bison leather and full grain traditional leather—both fantastic options.

3. Necktie or Bow Tie

Any rugged gentleman needs to have at least one or two ties in his arsenal, even if it’s not a common requirement in his everyday life. In our view, if a man is going to wear something, he ought to actually like it. So, don’t get in a last-minute bind. Take the time to find a tie or two that you’ll be proud to wear -- you’ll be glad you did. Be sure to look through our selection of neckties and bow ties designed specifically with the rugged gentleman in mind.

4. Grown Up Bag

Whether carrying materials to the office, shoes to the gym, or clothes to the campsite, a rugged gentleman has places to be -- and plenty of stuff to take with him. For purposes of function and style, a well-made bag ranks high on the list of a man’s essentials. Let your functional needs guide you to the type of bag you choose (briefcase bag? duffle bag?) and the material (leather? canvas?), then let your personal style guide you through the remaining details (sleek profile? rugged hardware?). Our large collection of men’s bags is a great place to start your search.

When it comes to fashion (and pretty much anything in life), a rugged gentleman sifts through the excess to find the classic essentials. Then he adds his grit to make the style his own. Buffalo Jackson is proud to help outfit and inspire rugged gentlemen near and far. Visit our men’s collections for more inspiration today.


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