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3 Best Messenger Bags for Men

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

The best messenger bags for men are built to perform - and look good doing it. Designed to meet a variety of needs, consider the 3 Best Messenger Bags for Men:

Traditional Messenger Bags

With the trademark crossbody strap and flap cover, a traditional messenger bag easily ticks the boxes you’d expect. But for the best traditional messenger, be sure to look beyond the basics.

If you like the streamlined, clean look of a full flap cover, consider finding one with a hidden magnetic closure like this buffalo leather messenger bag. If you like the more rugged look of the belted flap cover, check out this leather messenger bag with a single-belted cover, or this waxed canvas messenger bag with a double-belted cover.

Laptop and phone, cords and chargers, books and meeting materials -- there should be compartments for organizing everything on the inside, and sometimes on the outside like on this rugged messenger bag. Traditional messenger bags are good and roomy -- as in, this is the only bag you’ll need to carry all day.

Laptop Messenger Bags

A laptop messenger bag takes everything about the best traditional messenger and pares it down just a bit. Without sacrificing quality or performance, the best laptop messenger bag will simply have a laptop sleeve and interior compartments sized for organizing meeting notes and materials. For the best function and style, find a bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle like this leather laptop messenger bag. A carry handle allows you to carry your bag more briefcase-like and makes for a quick and easy grab when needed.

Satchel Messenger Bags

The satchel messenger bag edits the best messenger bags down to the most basic essentials. It makes the “best messenger bags” list because even in its simplicity, the satchel messenger remains highly practical and stylish. Actually, we think its simplicity is what makes it so practical and stylish. Consider this leather satchel messenger bag. Still large enough to fit a 15” laptop, the overall bag size is smaller than traditional messenger bags, with an interior compartment ideal for just the basics. Want to keep it light and easy on your flight -- maybe just keep your laptop and a book handy? Consider a satchel messenger bag.

Any messenger bag will have a crossbody strap and a flap cover. But, the best messenger bags will have that and more. They can get the job done at the office, in class, or onboard the flight. And while not all messenger bags are created equal, not every man needs the same thing from his bag either. Consider what you need from your bag, and then invest in the one that will serve you best. When you’re ready, check out some quality options in our collection of leather and waxed canvas messenger bags for men.


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