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Briefcase vs. Backpack: Which is best for work?

BY Amanda Uher Insight
BY Amanda Uher

Choosing a briefcase vs. backpack for the office doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you invest in a well-made briefcase or backpack, either option can look professional and put-together. The best guide for your briefcase vs. backpack decision will be the demands of your unique workday, how casual (or not) your workplace is, and your personal sense of style. Keep these in mind as you consider our 4 favorite work options:

Leather Attaché Briefcase

The leather attaché briefcase is one of the most classic, traditional options for today’s professional. With an interior laptop compartment and pockets for files, an attaché briefcase offers room for your materials in a slim profile with a sharp look. A carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap give you the option of holding your attaché bag in your hand (briefcase-style), or over your shoulder or crossbody like a messenger bag.

Leather Briefcase Bag

A leather briefcase bag will provide a slightly more casual look, and more interior room as well. Leather briefcase bags give you the professional style and function of a briefcase with the casual carrying option of a messenger bag. Find one with a carry handle for a quick grab and an adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free convenience. On the inside, you’ll find a compartment for your laptop and adequate space for your day’s materials. You will also find pockets for organizing smaller items on both the interior and exterior of a typical briefcase bag.

Traditional Backpack in Leather

A leather backpack is where the professional look of a leather briefcase meets the carrying convenience of trusty backpack straps. (Cue the singing angels.) With a compartment to securely carry your laptop and pockets for all your staff meeting or study session needs, this professional backpack maintains a slim profile and a polished air.

Waxed Canvas Commuter Backpack

The waxed canvas backpack brings us to our most casual, yet still incredibly practical, recommendation. You can bring your love for the great outdoors into the workplace with a well-made and highly functional commuter backpack. The waxed canvas is a fantastic alternative to leather if you’re looking for that. The interior offers a compartment for your laptop and work materials, the exterior includes pockets for a water bottle or phone, and the padded backpack straps mean you can carry this one out of the office on Friday and straight onto the trail.

Remember: briefcases don’t have to be uppity, and backpacks don’t have to be dumpy. And thank goodness for that. So, whatever the outcome of your briefcase vs backpack debate, carry yourself (and your briefcase) (or backpack) with confidence and character. Both will take you far.


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