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Beard Trends: 4 Styles for the Rugged Gentleman

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

Beard trends have ebbed and flowed for centuries. Without a doubt, today’s culture is still embracing a strong upswing in beard trends. Beards are everywhere. And although traditional corporate culture remains anti-facial hair, many newer companies have adopted more relaxed dress codes which allow beards at work. Here are our favorite beard trends for a rugged gentleman:

1. Bandholz Beard (full beard + free growth)

The Bandholz Beard is a full beard with connecting mustache and sideburns. Named for Eric Bandholz (who quit his “facial-hair-is-frowned-upon” corporate job to become a beard culture advocate—yes, really!), this beard is allowed to grow freely, without concern for excessive length or bushiness. Maintenance, in terms of shaping, is minimal. Well, non-existent, really. This is the free-range version of beards. But care is still required in order to keep the beard (and skin) clean and conditioned.

2. Garibaldi Beard (full beard + managed length)

The Garibaldi Beard is named for the Italian general, Guiseppe Garibaldi, who played a vital role in the development of modern Italy—and wore a full beard and mustache. Like the Bandholz, the Garibaldi Beard is a full beard with noticeable length, but this beard (and mustache) has boundaries. Seven inches ought to be the longest the beard grows before trimming for length—but shaping will be the key here. Typically trimmed to a rounded shape, this can be adjusted depending on your face shape. Trimming the connecting mustache is also a priority, as is cleansing and conditioning.

3. Short Full Beard (full beard + close cut)

The Short Full Beard is a more dialed down version of the Garibaldi Beard. Of all the current beard trends, this one gives you the most beard bang for your buck. Trim, versatile, and generally office-friendly, the Short Full Beard is the beardsman’s solid middle ground. It’s tidy, but not overly groomed. A quality beard trimmer is essential for maintaining a neat beard length of ½ - 1 inch. (And use a wet razor to shave the lower neck and to clean up stray hairs on the cheeks.) Well maintained, this beard looks sharp whether you’re at the bar or in the boardroom.

4. Stubble (trim + intentional)

The easiest to grow and the simplest to maintain, good ol’ stubble is a must-have on the list of today’s beard trends. A happy medium between clean-shaven and full-on beard, intentional stubble is a widely accepted style of its own. Monitor the length though. If it’s too short, it will look like you just forgot to shave; too long, and it starts to look sloppy.

Whether opting for stylish stubble or a full-blown Bandholz, a rugged gentleman wears his facial hair like he means it. Same goes for his gear and apparel. Be sure to check out our collection of leather goods and apparel, crafted for the rugged gentleman.


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