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Beard Care: 3 Simple Steps for the Best-Looking Beard

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

You’ve already done the hard work of growing a beard. Proper beard care is the easy part—we promise. You could easily fit all of your beard care essentials in your Dopp kit—with plenty of room to spare. Just follow these 3 steps to keep your beard looking its best.

1. Clean + Condition

Wash your beard 2-3 times a week. Be sure to use a product formulated for facial hair. Regular shampoo typically contains harsher ingredients that can be too much for a beard and the underlying skin. A beard wash will be made with facial hair - and your face—in mind. Consider including a beard softener (basically conditioner for facial hair) to your beard care routine as well. Apply after rinsing out the beard wash, let it sit in your beard while you finish showering, and rinse it out before you dry.

2. Soften + Moisturize

Soften your beard with beard oil every day. Actually, you may even do this more than once a day. Washing your beard keeps it clean, but it also removes some natural oils that you’ll want to help replenish to keep your beard soft and manageable. (Even if you use a conditioner after washing, beard oil is a crucial daily beard care practice.) To apply, you’ll only need a few drops. Massage the oil into the beard, preferably after a warm shower when pores are open and absorbent. You can find a pre-made oil you like or you can easily make your own beard oil.

3. Tame + Shape

To keep your beard from getting tangled and unruly, use a beard brush daily. A beard brush is also a great way to distribute your beard oil throughout your beard. If you hit a snag, take your time. You’re not trying to win a trophy for “fastest beard brusher.” Daily beard brushing also trains the hairs to grow downward. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the length and shape of your beard. A decent pair of hair scissors or quality trimmers will be essential to your long-term beard care. Trimming off split ends and maintaining the shape of your beard (and mustache) will go a long way toward keeping your beard looking handsome and well-maintained.


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