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Elkton Waxed Canvas Sunglass Strap - Navy

If you are like me, these are a staple. Fishing, hiking, or walking around town. While all clothing companies offer a foam or neoprene sunglass strap… these are very different. Just like our company.

You see I never really liked to fit in. And there was something about those cheap foam ones that never quite fit my style.

When you take whiskey leather and add true waxed canvas prepped in the USA, and have them handmade with our attention to quality and detail… well… those are some sunglass straps you can be proud of. Now these took us awhile to make. They cost a lot more to develop. From the design, the endless prototypes, the fit.

The difference?

Well, you start feeling bad for those other folks whose foam straps came over on the same boat from China.

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