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The Story of a Vintage Leather Bag

Throughout history, leather has been an important material used in a variety of capacities. From prehistoric shelter to modern day fashion, this timeless hide is something that many cherish and hold in high regard. Today, there is little a vintage leather bag won’t tell you. Each ding, spill, or stain leaves a memory. The times of hardship. Times of celebration. Times when all there was only work, work, work. And then, times when you got furloughed, and used the bag for fishing gear. We like to think our bags are memory keepers. Canvasses for the memory marks of your story. What will yours tell?

The Vintage Leather Bags of Buffalo Jackson

Our Walker leather bag collection are vintage-inspired, designed, and built on the bedrock belief that top quality is affordable if you only know where to look. Whether you're traveling around town or through the mountains, a Walker bag brings a new vintage feel to Buffalo Jackson. Built from full grain leather and offered in an aged oak color, this vintage leather bag oozes our dedication to quality.

Caring for Your Vintage Leather Bags

When you own a true vintage leather item, you own a piece of history - and you ought to care for it as such. Take special care to avoid getting the leather soaked and keep it clean. Once or twice a year, remove dirt buildup by wiping down your leather bag with a cleaner made specifically for leather, and then be sure to regularly use a quality leather conditioner. Lastly, when not using your vintage leather bag, proper storage is important to keep it from drying out or growing mold. When you care for leather properly, it will become more beautiful, rugged, and interesting over time, echoing its adventures—and yours.