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A wallet always has your back and is always by your side – literally. It has your ID, it has that extra $20 your daughter will come asking for, and it’s still holding that really old work receipt you forgot to get reimbursed. Your wallet holds everything you give it, and that’s why you need a wallet that’s dependable. For all the things you need to carry every day, why would you settle for anything but the absolute best?

All of our trifold leather wallets are designed with full grain leather and high-quality stitching. Without a doubt, our wallets are built to last. But, if durability doesn’t convince you, just take a look at how fashionable and functional these trifolds are. Your wallet not only holds your world, but it also says a lot about you, so pick one that reflects your personality, grit, and rugged good looks.  


Searching for the perfect gift? You’re in the right place. Your man says he doesn't need a new wallet? Wait until he’s seen one of ours. A new wallet brings a fresh start along with the luxurious leather smell that no man can resist. Get him a high-quality wallet that captures his personality and will last through the years, graciously aging along with him. Our trifold wallets make the perfect gift for any occasion—birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, and monumental moments. Go ahead and match the functionality and durability of his new wallet with one of our leather bags, a duffle bag, or a backpack!


Cleaning trifold leather wallets (the right way) is more about protecting and moisturizing the leather than making it look brand new. Quality leather wallets develop a unique patina and look even better as they age, and we don’t want to prevent that. Instead, we recommend cleaning leather in a way that preserves the natural quality and beauty – here’s how:

1. Gather your supplies.

2. Clean the interior.

Remove all contents and shake out any loose dirt that may have collected inside. To get into the corners, use a straw to blow out any lint, dust, or dirt that may be hiding. (A toothpick can help with stubborn corners, but be very careful.)

3. Clean the exterior.

Use a dry cloth to remove any surface dust, and then wipe down the exterior using a cleaner that is specially formulated for leather. Apply the cleaner with a soft cloth in a circular motion; then remove with a slightly damp cloth to avoid clogging the pores of the leather.

4. Condition the exterior:

Find a leather conditioner, and test an inconspicuous spot before applying it to your entire wallet. (Conditioning can slightly change the color of the leather, so be sure you’re happy with the effect.) If you’re happy with the conditioner, apply it to a clean cloth, and then gently rub over the entire leather wallet, taking special care around any embellishments.

*Note that you don’t need to complete a full cleaning and conditioning process very often. (Really, the brisk dusting will go a long way when it comes to everyday care.) But taking time to clean and condition your leather wallets at least twice a year (up to once a month) will enhance the natural beauty of the leather, prevent it from drying out over time, and ultimately extend the life of your leather wallet.


1. What is the difference between cow leather and bison leather?

Trifold leather wallets made with cow leather or bison leather are both really great options. The main differences are in the grain pattern and how the leather is processed.


Bison leather and cow leather wallets are both made by skilled artisans in the traditions of centuries past, but bison hides are not stretched during the tanning process like cowhides are.


As for quality, the same grades (full-grain, top-grain, etc.) apply to both bison leather and cow leather. Regarding hide sizes, even though a bison is a much larger animal than a cow, bison hides are generally smaller in size because they’re not stretched like cowhides. Bison leather has a distinctive grain pattern that distinguishes it from cow leather.

For a more thorough look at cow leather vs. bison leather, check out this article.

2. How do I choose between a bifold and a trifold leather wallet?

Traditional billfolds, whether bifold or trifold, carry timeless appeal. A high quality leather wallet is a treasure. (Bet you can still picture Granddad pulling that soft, weathered billfold from his pocket at the filling station.) Billfolds come in two main variations: bifolds and trifolds.

Trifold leather wallets are folded twice, dividing the wallet into thirds. Bifold leather wallets fold in half, dividing the wallet into two sections. Because of the extra fold, trifolds tend to take up more space in a pocket, but depending on the design (and how it’s filled), that isn’t always the case. Remember though, bifolds and trifolds are both prone to overstuffing, so be on guard and keep your wallet tidy.