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Our Men’s Wool Shirts Stand the Test of Time

You wear it every camping trip, to your workshop in the backyard, and even to work sometimes. A wool shirt is a staple in any man’s closet, especially in the fall and winter. Our heavy-duty flannel shirts conjure images of the past while staying classic enough for the future. Made of our sturdy wool-blend, these pieces are made to go chasing after that perfect mountain sunrise.

Why Wool?

Warm and durable, wool has been a favorite material for flannel shirts since in the 17th century in Wales. Wool shirts provided superior protection for men against Wales’ unforgivingly wet and windy winters. The country’s multitude of sheep provided ample wool for this woven material. Learn more about the history of wool flannel shirts on our blog. If you have a few wool shirts in your closet, consider investing in other timeless men’s clothing made in leather. Read about our full grain leather, used in Buffalo Jackson jackets, bags, and more.

Explore Other Rugged Apparel for Men

If classic, quality clothing is up your alley, then you’ve come to the right place. Our wool shirts are just a small piece of our entire repertoire of men’s apparel. Whether you have a motorcycle or not, our leather jackets are made to withstand the elements, proving to be a trusty travel companion for the road or city. Now we believe that you really only need one leather belt in your closet, one that you can wear on the weekends, weekdays, and one day pass down to your young ones. Check out heirloom-quality leather accessories like our belts and footwear. Can’t stop wearing our wool shirts for men? We can’t either—discover where you should wear it next in our story, Find Your Creek.