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What You’ll Love About Your Leather Wine Tote

From the beautiful full grain leather, the inner tie closure for extra security, and the easy-carry handle, these leather wine totes are the epitome of high-quality. They also pair well with the rest of our bags—so throw a messenger bag or leather backpack over your shoulders, grab your wine tote, and head out the door looking ruggedly stylish and functional at the same time. What’s your favorite part about these wine totes, aside from the memories you’ll be making while carrying them?

Perfect for Any Occasion

Wine is a perfect complement to almost any activity. Okay, maybe not during that important business meeting, but most other pastimes can benefit from a glass of wine in hand. We picture a picnic in the park, a weekend hike, a golf outing, or a trip to a cabin in the mountains. Or think even bigger and imagine strolling through Italy while exploring your favorite vineyards. In all of these scenarios, you could be carrying a beautiful leather tote and no one would raise an eyebrow, especially when it’s carrying your favorite bottle of red or white.

Caring for Your Leather Wine Tote

Eventually, you’ll find yourself back at home once the festivities are over. While unpacking, be sure to check your leather wine tote for any signs of dirt or stains that might compromise the quality of the leather over time. Don’t worry, removing stains from leather isn’t as hard as you’d think, and cleaning your leather regularly will keep it looking its best time and time again.