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A Leather Wine Tote for Everyone

Whether you’re a newbie to the wine scene or are a wine connoisseur, these leather wine totes are great for anyone who can appreciate a glass of white, red, or rosè. Everyone can appreciate the craftsmanship of these full-grain leather wine totes, making them equally as beautiful as they are functional.

Where Will You Take Your Leather Wine Tote?

Picture this — you pop the cork on a new bottle of Cabernet and enjoy it outside on the front porch of a mountain cabin during a weekend getaway. Mountains not your thing? Pour a cold glass of Chardonnay while you relax on the beach, listening to the orchestra of waves crashing around you. No matter where you are in your daydream, you can make it a reality by packing a leather wine tote on your travels.

How to Clean Your Leather Wine Tote

When it comes to toting around wine, you are bound to have a small spill here and there. Don’t worry, we have you covered on how to remove stains from leather (yes, even those nasty red wine stains). Aside from stains, keeping your leather wine tote clean and conditioned is important to ensure it lasts a lifetime. You can use our leather cleaner and leather conditioner, or learn to easily make your own leather cleaner. Wondering how you can care for all of your leather pieces like a messenger bag or backpack? Read our recommended 4-step leather care process for a simple routine.