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 Few items are more essential to a man or a woman than a wallet. If you don’t believe us, just think of a time when you lost your wallet. We might take it for granted, but a wallet carries our world. We agree there might be some areas of life you can skimp on, but the quality of your wallet isn’t one of them. All of our leather wallets are made to stand the test of time and nature, from our money clips, bifolds, trifolds, and women's clutches. We design all of our wallets in the spirit of rugged adventure for everyday use. With such a high standard of quality and design precision, there’s no way to choose the wrong one.   


One of the best parts of our leather wallets is the weathered look and creases that develop over time. This patina is unique to every wallet whether you choose from our top grain leather wallets or full grain leather wallets. Each of our wallets tells its story over the years as it develops a unique look from being carried daily. And, with our commitment to only the best leather and careful craftsmanship, you can rest assured that it’s made to last and will be ready in every season as a staple in your wardrobe.

Our women’s leather wallets make a statement in every season paired with any outfit, your favorite jeans, or an airy dress. Our men’s leather wallets transition effortlessly from business trip style to sports bar casual. From the colder to warmer months, our wallets will go with you – and will always make a good impression.


Bison leather wallets and cow leather wallets are both incredible options. The main differences are in the grain pattern and how the leather is processed.


Bison leather wallets, like cow leather wallets, are made by skilled artisans in the traditions of centuries past. The distinctive grain of bison leather is highly desirable, so to preserve this feature, the bison hides are not stretched during the tanning process.


In its natural state, a bison hide is not necessarily stronger than cowhide. Both are the strongest type of easily obtainable animal hides, and they’re similar in strength and elasticity. But, a leather’s strength is dictated by the thickness of the hide or the leather grade. As mentioned above, bison hides are typically not stretched as much as cowhide, which means bison leather wallets may be considered even stronger than cow leather wallets.


The same grades of quality (full-grain, top-grain, etc.) apply to both bison leather and cow leather. As far as hide sizes go, even though a bison is a much larger animal than a cow, bison hides are generally smaller in size because they’re not stretched like cowhides. Artisans and manufacturers go to great lengths to protect the unique grain patterning of bison leather. 


Searching for the perfect gift? Look no further! Even if you think they already have a wallet they love, have they tried ours yet? A new wallet carries with it a new season. So usher in that fresh start alongside the irresistible, luxurious leather smell. They deserve a high-quality wallet that reflects their personality and will last throughout the years. Our leather wallets are the perfect gift for any occasion—birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, and monumental moments. Match their gift with one of our women’s leather tote bags for her next girls’ trip up the coast, or one of our leather weekend bags for his weekend hunting trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do leather wallets last longer?

When it comes to handcrafted genuine leather wallets, no other wallet material can last longer due to the quality, durability and toughness of the leather. 

2. How do I choose a good leather wallet?

The best way to choose a good leather wallet is to analyze how many cards will the wallet fit in each of its slots. As well as making sure the quality of the leather and the type of wallet such as bifold and trifold are top tier. 

3. What makes a good leather wallet?

A good leather wallet is made from full-grain or top-grain leather, which gives the wallet a genuine look, feel, and smell as well as the durability to last you years.

4. What is Buffalo Jackson's highest quality wallet?

All of Buffalo Jackson’s leather products are handcrafted from genuine bison or cowhide so you can be assured that you’re getting the best quality in all our wallets. Our most popular leather wallets include the Jefferson passport wallet, the Ryder Reserve Bison Leather Trifold, and the Denver leather trifold wallet. 

5. Does Buffalo Jackson handcraft their wallets?

Yes, Buffalo Jackson handcrafts all of their wallets and guarantees their quality.

6. What’s the right way to clean a leather wallet?

Cleaning leather wallets (the right way) is more about protecting and moisturizing the leather than making it look brand new. Quality leather wallets develop a unique patina and look even better over time, and we don’t want to prevent that. Instead, we recommend cleaning leather wallets in a way that preserves the natural quality and beauty – here’s how:

Gather supplies:

Clean the inside:

Remove all contents from inside your wallet, and shake out any loose dirt that may have collected in there. To get into the corners, use a straw to blow out any lint, dust, or dirt that may be hiding. (A toothpick can help with stubborn corners, but be very careful.)

Clean the outside:

Use a dry cloth to remove any surface dust, and then wipe down the exterior using a cleaner that is specially formulated for leather. Apply the cleaner with a soft cloth in a circular motion; then remove with a slightly damp cloth to avoid clogging the pores of the leather.

Condition the outside:

Find a leather conditioner, and test an inconspicuous spot before applying it to your entire wallet. (Conditioning can slightly change the color of the leather, so be sure you’re happy with the effect.) If you’re happy with the conditioner, apply it to a clean cloth, and then gently rub over the entire leather wallet, taking special care around any embellishments.

*Note that you don’t need to complete a full cleaning and conditioning process very often. (Really, the brisk dusting will go a long way when it comes to everyday care.) But taking time to clean and condition your leather wallets at least twice a year (up to once a month) will enhance the natural beauty of the leather, prevent it from drying out over time, and ultimately extend the life of your leather wallet.

7. What is the difference between high quality and low quality leather?

There are varying grades of leather quality; here are four keys to identifying high-quality versus low-quality leather:


The highest quality grade of leather is Full Grain followed by Top Grain. Other grades of leather include Genuine leather (also called Corrected Grain leather) and Bonded leather.


Leather is a natural material made from real animal skin. Its surface structure should not be completely uniform. (Hints of imperfections are a good sign in leather.) A perfectly uniform grain actually indicates lower quality.


Again, remember leather is a natural material. High-quality leather is soft and pliable. When you run your fingers across high quality leather wallets, they shouldn’t feel perfectly smooth. Press your finger into the leather - the surface will stretch and wrinkle a bit, like skin.


There is no way around it - high-quality leather wallets cost more to produce than low-quality. If the price of that leather wallet seems too good to be true, it probably is.