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Upgrade Your Wallet With a Leather Money Clip

Upgrade your worn out wallet with a rugged leather money clip that seamlessly transitions with you through your day to day activities. If you’re more of a traditional wallet guy, you can still enjoy the simplicity of leather money clips during a quick trip to the store or across town. Although designed to take up less space, these money clips still have enough give to safely hold your necessities; it’s really the best of both worlds.

Minimalistic With a Hint of Rugged Tradition

Leather money clips are essentially the “anti-wallet wallet.” While money clips offer a minimalistic appeal, they also present a demand for discipline, only securing the bare necessities and no frills—ID, a couple of credit cards, a business card, and a few bills. That’s it. Got too much cash? Trade it out for some large bills. Or, toss any unnecessary receipts and unused punch cards from last year. If you’re rigid enough to keep it tidy, a leather money clip is a clean and simple option.

Where Will You Take Your Leather Money Clip?

Honoring your wild doesn't mean you have to live in the woods. The idea stems from adventurous spirits who love and appreciate the outdoors. So this weekend, grab your new leather money clip, a duffle bag or a backpack, and get outdoors. Hit a brewery or take a hike. But wherever you go, you’ll have your essentials and a day full of memories.