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Ever wondered how life gets so complicated – even in all the things you carry around every day? Like, does your Costco card really need to tag along to your buddy’s bachelor party or your daughter’s ballet recital? It’s probably time to declutter a bit, so let our money clips help. Our leather money clips will help keep your life simple, but they’re also tough enough for your next adventure. No need to worry if they will ever wear out; our money clips are made of top grain leather and strong nylon stitching. They’re up to the task of guarding your necessities. 


Leather money clips are essentially the “anti-wallet wallet.” Money clips offer a minimalistic appeal and secure the bare necessities with no frills—ID, a couple of credit cards, a business card, and a few bills. That’s it. Got too much cash for a money clip, you say? Well stop bragging, Grandpa, and trade it out for some larger bills. This is your chance to declutter and toss any unnecessary receipts and those unused punch cards from last year.

If you’re up for the challenge to keep it tidy, a leather money clip is the way to go. So this weekend, grab your new leather money clip, a duffle bag or a backpack, and get outdoors. Hit a brewery or take a hike, but wherever you go, rest assured you’ll have what you need in your leather money clip.


Whether it’s one of our traditional wallets or one of our leather money clips, we love the weathered look that develops over time. Every wallet’s patina is unique, and each wallet tells its own story over time. It’s important to condition and moisturize the leather, especially if it takes a regular beating. Learn how to preserve your wallet on our blog with How to Clean a Leather Wallet (The Right Way). You don’t need to do it very often, but at least twice a year will make a good difference, ultimately extending the life of your favorite rugged leather money clip.


Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of our leather money clips or wallets. Here are the options you’ll find in our collection and a few thoughts on each: 

Leather Money Clips

You may not technically consider this a “wallet,” but leather money clips definitely make our list. Essentially the anti-wallet wallet, a leather money clip offers simplicity and minimalist appeal. If you can keep it ultra-tidy, a leather money clip is a clean and simple option.

Slim ID Wallets

Slim ID wallets (or card wallets) are the sweet spot between a money clip and a billfold. Want the slim profile of a leather money clip, but without all the exposure? Truth be told, you’ll be able to carry about the same number of items in a slim ID wallet as in a money clip. So, if you appreciate the privacy of a classic leather wallet but you’re drawn to the appeal of minimal bulk, a slim ID wallet is a strong option.

Billfolds: Leather Bifold Wallets & Leather Trifold Wallets

Traditional leather billfolds, whether bi-fold or tri-fold, offer timeless appeal and even the warmth of nostalgia in our fast-paced world. (Can you still picture Granddad pulling that soft, weathered billfold from his pocket at the filling station?) Billfolds come in two main variations: bifolds and trifolds. Because of the extra fold, trifolds tend to take up more space in a pocket, but depending on the design (and how it’s filled), that isn’t always the case.


Here are 3 key differences between full grain leather and top grain leather:

1. Origin

Full grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide and includes all of the natural grain, while top grain leather has the outermost layer of the hide removed. (Yeah, it sounds kind of backwards, but we don’t make the rules.)

2. Quality & Cost

Full grain leather is the highest quality grade of leather, and it comes from the top layer of the hide which includes all of the natural grain. It’s more expensive for manufacturers to buy and more difficult for them to work with. This is reflected in the cost to the consumer.

Top grain leather is the second highest grade of leather and has the outermost layer of hide removed. This difference makes the leather thinner and more workable for the manufacturer, which is reflected in the price compared to full grain leather. 

3. Appearance

The natural surface of full grain leather is incredibly unique—it tells a story through natural imperfections, marks, and even light brands in the surface. The natural grain from the top surface is sanded away from top grain leather, which removes imperfections and blemishes. After sanding away the natural grain, top grain leather is imprinted with an imitation grain to give it more a uniform look, but the hide loses some of its strongest fibers as a result. However, if uniform is what you’re looking for, then you’re in luck with top grain leather.

(For a deeper dive into the differences between full- and top-grain leather, check out this article.)


1. Can leather money clips hold more than just cash?

Absolutely! While we designed our leather money clips to be slim and minimalistic, they can comfortably hold your essential cards along with your cash. This makes them not just cash holders but a streamlined alternative to bulky wallets, perfect for essentials like ID, credit cards, and a few bills.

2. How durable are Buffalo Jackson's leather money clips?

We craft our leather money clips for longevity. Made from top-grain leather with strong nylon stitching, they're built to withstand daily use and age gracefully. The quality of materials ensures that your leather money clip will become an even better companion over time.

3. Are leather money clips suitable for formal occasions?

Yes, our leather money clips are versatile enough for any setting. Their sleek and elegant design makes them suitable for formal occasions, offering a refined alternative to traditional wallets. They slip easily into a suit pocket without bulging, maintaining a polished look.

4. What's the best way to break in a new leather money clip?

The best way to break in your new leather money clip is to use it. Leather naturally softens and conforms to its contents with use. Over time, it will mold to accommodate your specific set of cards and cash, becoming uniquely yours in fit and appearance.

5. How can I protect my leather money clip from the weather?

Occasionally, apply a leather conditioner to protect your leather money clip from the elements. This will help keep the leather supple and prevent it from drying out or cracking. Avoid exposing the money clip to prolonged periods of intense sun or rain.

6. Are leather money clips a good gift idea?

Leather money clips make excellent gifts! They are practical, stylish, and age beautifully, making them a thoughtful choice for birthdays, graduations, or as groomsmen's gifts. With their blend of functionality and elegance, they are sure to be appreciated.

7. How do I clean my leather money clip?

For cleaning, gently wipe the leather with a soft, damp cloth. For deeper cleaning or to remove stains, use a leather-specific cleaner. Remember to test any product on a small, inconspicuous area first. Regular cleaning will maintain the appearance and longevity of your money clip.