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I’ll shoot you straight. I love this product. For years I carried a moleskin journal in my back pocket, always handy to pull out and jot down notes, thoughts, ideas as to how to save the world, that kinda stuff. But I had my wallet in one back pocket and my journal in the other and wished there was a way to combine the two. Enter the Buffalo Jackson field notes cover and passport wallet – wish granted.

Our field notes and passport wallet is designed to carry either your field notes or your passport (the clue is in the title, right?). Either one will fit perfectly in the right-hand slot, while your cards and cash have plenty of room on the left. 

Designed to encapsulate our rich history of discovery and exploration, and a fierce spirit of adventure, this is a timeless piece for the modern man.  


Brave explorers have been keeping hand-written field notes and scrappy sketches, often in little leather-bound books, for hundreds of years. The journals of men like acclaimed English naturalist, geologist, and biologist Charles Darwin, and Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole, brought us vast knowledge of the new and exotic lands they explored, the nature they observed and the different cultures they discovered. Those little books – always written in the kind of impeccable handwriting we can only dream of – detailed the incredible curiosity, courage and dogged determination shown by the men who were pushing the limits of human exploration in the age of discovery.


OK, so you’re probably not making discoveries that will change the way we think about the modern world on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be jotting things down. Inspiration can strike anywhere and, despite what we might tell our wives, we honestly can’t remember it all. Whether you’re an architect or a rancher, an aspiring poet or just a guy with a huge to-do list, always having a journal on hand is a great way to record your experiences, capture inspiration, remember the essentials and, dare we say, express yourself.   


Journaling has been around for a while, but it’s no longer just the pastime of teenage girls. Everyone, from scientists to artists, is singing the praises of jotting down our experiences, feelings – even how many glasses of water we’ve drunk. It might sound a bit much, but hear me out: I think they’re onto something. 


If you write down your goals, detail how you’re going to reach them and keep track of your progress, you’re much more likely to hold yourself accountable and ultimately, reach those goals. 


Our phones are our world these days. They’re no longer just a phone. They’re our camera, our calendar, our shopping mall… Do yourself a favor, and move what you can from digital to paper. You’ll thank us for it. 


Life can be tough and, sometimes, guys don’t always want to talk about it. They should. But they don’t. Getting into the habit of putting your feelings down on paper can release negativity, provide perspective, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you identify solutions to all those nagging problems. 


Research has shown that journaling can help boost your immune system and even heal wounds faster. So there we have it, invest in a leather field notes cover and live longer (maybe).


1. Do I need to clean my leather field notes cover?

Your leather field notes cover is going to age and look even better over time – just like us, it’ll earn a few wrinkles and scars after a few years of adventure. But it will still need a little TLC. Cleaning your leather field notes cover is less about trying to get it to scrub up clean, and more about protecting and maintaining its natural beauty, scuffs and all. Follow our top tips on caring for your leather, and if you’re feeling creative, give our homemade leather conditioner a try.   

2. Should a leather field notes cover replace my regular wallet? 

When you’re out and about, absolutely. If you’re not carrying one of our briefcases or duffle bags (why not?), your pockets will already be bulging – phone, keys, chapstick (we don’t just need to moisturize our leather). So this piece was designed to compress your essentials into one. But if you’re headed out to some place where journalling isn’t going to be top of mind, like dinner with your better half, why not treat yourself to one of our fine leather wallets as well.