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Leather Coasters for Every Home

Add a touch of character and distinction to your home when you add a set of leather coasters to the mix. Made from full-grain cow leather, our leather coasters are made to prevent ugly watermarks on your furniture. Whether you’re kicking back a cold one after work, or sipping on some ice cold sweet tea on a warm day, you’ll never have to worry if your drink sweats or drips. These leather coasters will be there to catch any condensation.

Take Your Leather Coasters from Home to Office

You can enjoy these beautiful leather coasters while having a drink at home, but what about protecting your desk in the office? Our office bundle includes a set of four leather coasters, a leather mouse pad, and a leather journal cover. Not only will the leather coasters help protect your office furniture, but they will also add a touch of character and distinction to your office space. Our leather coasters are 4” in diameter and come in two colors, making them easy to use without taking up too much space.

Caring for Your Leather Coasters

While the leather coasters are preventing watermarks on your furniture, you may wonder how you prevent the condensation from damaging your beautiful coasters. It’s important to wipe down your leather coasters after each use in order to maintain healthy leather. You can also add a small amount of leather conditioner to your leather coasters to help keep them supple and long-lasting. Wondering how a care routine could benefit your leather briefcase or messenger bag, too? Check out our full suite of leather care products, and be sure to read our blog for a recommended 4-step process.