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A Large Leather Tote Bag For Hardworking Women

On the go and always on to the next big thing—does this sound like you? Try carrying a large leather tote bag for a great shoulder piece that provides ample storage for any busy-day items or last minute essential. Although a large leather tote bag is carried over the shoulder, it does differ from a traditional shoulder bag quite a bit. For example, a tote typically opens much wider and more easily than a shoulder bag with two parallel straps and no additional fastenings — this makes it easier to open and close at any given moment. Because of its spacious interior, a large leather tote bag like our Madison Leather Tote Bag or Walker Leather Tote Bag is great for storing a laptop and notebook for quick lunch meetings or a trip to the office. Learn more about the difference between a shoulder bag and large leather tote bag by reading our blog.

Curious about the difference between a small and large leather tote bag? To be considered a large tote bag, you should be able to fit a laptop and other large items in the bag, so dimensions for a large tote begin at 16.25" L x 6.5" W x 13" H. We categorize tote bags as “small” if they are 11”L x 5.5”W x 9”H and below.

Organizing Your Large Leather Tote Bag

When you have a bag that you can comfortably carry from work to dinner, you know you’ve found “the one.” But, sometimes you need additional storage pieces to keep your large leather tote bag from becoming unorganized. Browse our selection of leather dopp kits for a small bag that can carry miscellaneous items or toiletry necessities — they easily fit inside a large leather tote bag and will help you avoid tossing small, loose items inside. Or, shop our handmade leather wallets for a durable piece that will keep your bills and cards in order and within arms reach.

Caring For Your Large Leather Tote Bag

Maintaining the appearance and quality of your large leather tote bag is key to making your piece last for years to come. Start by committing to a simple 4 step care plan, and check out our leather care productsfor an all-natural conditioner and cleaner. Then, take your routine a step further and discover a 4-ingredient DIY polish for your large leather tote bag, or educate yourself on what to do if your bag gets wet. Whether you use a leather backpack, duffle bag, or large leather tote bag, be sure you know how to properly preserve your heirloom-worthy piece.