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A Brown Leather Messenger Bag Made for Work

You work hard, really hard, and you need a brown leather messenger bag that is right in a professional or laid-back setting. Brown leather is not only neutral, but a classic. You’ll never have to worry about this messenger bag going out of style, because brown is timeless. Built with character, our leather messenger bags are made for everything you need to carry throughout your day. From your laptop, leather journal, and chargers, rest assured that everything will fit in your brown leather messenger bag. If you’re looking for an investment piece that’s a little more professional, browse our collection of leather briefcases. Learn more about the best men’s work bags with our top 3 picks.

Traveling With Our Brown Leather Messenger Bags

It’s 5 o’clock on Friday and you’re heading out for a weekend adventure. You throw your brown leather messenger bag in your passenger seat and you’re on your way. Whether driving to the mountains for a hike or somewhere out west, you’re ready to explore. What is the hunger within that drives us to explore caves, riverbeds, and peaks? It is the beauty of the unknown. Sometimes, we just need a little reviving, a little prodding, so we can return to the wonder that makes us human. Read about our recent adventures in the Journal.

Getting Grit Off Your Brown Leather Messenger Bag

Maybe you’ve carried your brown leather messenger bag for years, or only a few months. Either way, it has probably seen a little dirt, and has picked up some grit along the way. To keep your trusted messenger bag around for years to come, make sure you take the time to properly clean your leather bag. Pick up some of our leather care products to keep handy so you can clean and condition your brown leather messenger bag every few months.