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Brown Leather Duffle Bags for the Weekend

While the work days are long and your weekends are busy, take the time to get out to the wide open with your favorite brown leather duffle bag. Create the space for your soul to unwind with a group of friends. Grill some steak and eat it right off the grill. Pick up and write in a leather journal for the first time in months or years. No matter your ideal spot for a relaxing trip, rest assured that your brown leather duffle bag is always up for anything.

A Durable Brown Leather Duffle Bag Like No Other

Neutral and versatile, brown leather duffle bags go with everything you own. Plus, brown is one of the most timeless colors out there and is worth investing in. There’s just something about real leather that faux leather can’t come close to imitating. From the ruggedness of your favorite brown leather duffle bag to the smell of leather, owning leather goods is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Our full grain brown leather duffle bags are made to take the wear and tear that life frequently brings. But who said traveling needs to be the only reason to use a leather bag? Explore our collection of leather briefcases, trusted partners for every business trip or day in the office.

Cleaning Our Brown Leather Duffle Bags

It’s gone with you fishing, it’s traveled through the sky, and it’s survived sandy conditions—what can your brown leather duffle bag not do? In between adventures it may have picked up some dirt and grit, so make sure you take the time to properly care for your traveling companion. Read our guide, 3 Steps to Properly Care for Your Leather Bag to ensure you’re giving your brown leather duffle bag the care it needs after a long trip. Make sure you stock up on some supplies from our leather care to condition your duffle bag after a good cleaning to prevent cracks.