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Our Best Bags for Every Woman

With countless types of handbags and purses out there, how do you choose the best one (or more) to buy? When you’re choosing the right bags to add to your wardrobe—those every day must-haves—it’s worth investing in a high-quality material like real leather or waxed canvas. Our best selling women’s bags are made of just that. You can find high quality leather and waxed canvas totes, backpacks, cross-body bags, and more to fit every occasion. Which one suits you best?

What Bag Completes Your Outfit?

You have a closet full of outfits, but which bag will you choose to complete them? For everyday outfits, consider a leather boho bag. The soft, loose lines of a boho bag speak to a carefree style, while the leather sets it apart from just any old satchel. Or go for a cross-body purse, one that is a longstanding handbag staple. Convenient, casual, and securely worn across the body, what woman doesn’t appreciate the ease of carrying one of these? One of our favorites is a waxed canvas bucket bag—whether you’re in a sundress and sandals or jeans and boots, a bucket bag is a fun addition to any outfit.

Caring for Our Women's Bags

When you buy one of our best selling bags, you’re guaranteed high quality materials. They will age and last years for you to appreciate, so long as you take care of them, of course. Don’t worry, your care routine is pretty simple. For those leather bags, you can clean and care for your leather in 4 easy steps. Our canvas bags are just as easy to care for with our waxed canvas care tips and other cleaning advice. So no matter if you choose leather or waxed canvas, we’ve got your covered.